High School Marriages

By James W Adams

One of the manias of modern society is the craze to have too much too soon. The old virtue of waiting and working to obtain is exactly what we called it “an old (obsolete) virtue.” Precocious youth wants a hot-rod when it ought to be pedaling a “bike,” a boy friend.. when it ought to be playing with dolls. Young married people want a $30,000.00 ranch-style home in an elite suburb when they should be living in a frame cottage on Thrift Avenue.

High school boys and girls rush into the sacred institution of marriage and assume the responsibilities of household bills and children when they should be solving algebra problems and attending football games. There is a time for everything that is right and proper, but nothing is made better by rushing into it before time. The divorce courts bear mute testimony to this truth with reference to marriage. Someone has well said, “How can the teenager who isn’t ready to make a success of high school think he is ready to make a success of marriage.”

Marriage is divinely ordained for man’s good. It is hedged about by divine laws. It should not be entered into advisedly or hurriedly, but in the fear of God. Christian young people should realize that marriage is “until death do us part.” Divorce is not a part of the Christian’s thinking-“what God hath joined together, let not man put asunder” is the principle by which he lives. A relationship so sacred and permanent deserves mature consideration. It was never designed to satisfy the whims and unrestrained desires of precocious infants.

Truth Magazine XIX: 44, p. 698
September 18, 1975