Holding Forth the Word of Life

By Michael R. Baggett

It has crossed my mind very often lately as to “how” we can spread, or hold forth, the Word of Life more effectively.

While visiting the library today, I noticed something that really motivated my thinking. The religious section of the bookshelves were absent of good commentaries, restoration works, or even any resemblance of writing which could help the public understand God’s Word? Are there any books that persuade men to obey its conditions which are set forth? Upon close observation, you may find, as I have found, works that “discredit” the Bible instead of encouraging belief of it! You might find a set of Baptist commentaries, a Book of Mormon, or two or three books written by Billy Graham, and not one sound work, outside of the Bible itself, on the entire shelve!

Well, am I upset over nothing? Should I be concerned? What about you? Should you be concerned? Certainly, everyone who loves the cause of the truth, will be concerned about such circumstances. I’ll say this: it should concern every Christian when libraries, hospitals, and public areas in general, are bombarded with Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, and Calvinistic literature, and some poor soul may be out there searching for the truth who has never even heard of the Church of Christ! Now, don’t doubt this last statement! “I” had never “heard” of the church of Christ until I was about 21 years old! We must assume there are other precious souls who have never heard of the Church of Christ! Brethren, a poor soul, who is searching for the truth, will read any and all literature he can get his hands on; I know – I was one of them! We must assume there are honest, truth-seeking, men and women, who go in and out of these public places daily, “hungering and thirsting after righteousness.” We should be concerned enough to want to give them a “fair chance.”

Here are a few suggestions for your consideration:

1. Donate a good commentary to the library such as B.W. Johnson’s New Testament With Notes.

2. Donate good books dealing with restoration, or a good work such as The New Testament Church, by Roy Cogdill.

3. Leave lesson commentaries and magazines which deal with “first principles.” (Leave them on tables, and newspaper stands.)

4. Leave gospel tracts in libraries, hospitals, and other areas.

5. Finally, visit these areas regularly to replace tracts, and notice who is reading the donated books. Perhaps you can arrange a study.

Brethren, let’s do everything in our power to teach the gospel (Matt. 28:19,20). After all, it is our continuous duty to “hold forth the word of life” (Phil. 2:15,16).

Guardian of Truth XXXIII: 16, p. 483
August 17, 1989