“How Shall The Young Secure Their Hearts?”

By Titus Edwards

Why Young People Need To Obey The Gospel

Youth is the time to obey the gospel. Let me suggest why young people need to obey the gospel of Christ in their youth.

(1) Because The Lord Commands It! “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth . . . ” (Eccl. 12: 1). The Lord has always demanded that people obey him. We should never take for granted any of God’s commands! Just as Jesus was about His Father’s business during His youth (Lk. 2:41-52), so should young people be doing the Lord’s bidding.

(2) To Receive Salvation! Salvation comes the same way to all – through obedience to the gospel .(Matt. 7:21; Heb. 5:9). Young people need to realize that as they reach an understanding of right and wrong, they are responsible for their sins in God’s sight. Those sins will damn their souls in hell, if not repented of and- forgiven. Such can only be received through Jesus Christ. He has provided salvation if we will but listen to Him, believe on Him, repent of those sins, publicly express our faith and be baptized. Yes, even young people sin and are responsible for it (Job. 20:11; Psa. 25:7; 2 Tim. 2:22). You did not inherit your sins from your parents, but committed them yourselves, and you can only be forgiven by your own obedient faith, not by the faith of your parents! If you want to go to heaven, you must obey the gospel, young people!

(3) Because Obedience Will Get Harder! Delaying allows more fear to build up – more excuses to be thought up. 78016 of conversions occur between the ages of 12 and 16. 19 out of 20 become Christians before they reach age 25. Sin gets a firmer grip on us the longer we commit such and repentance becomes harder. “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them” (Eccl. 12:1).

(4) Christ Could Return And Find You Unprepared For The Judgment! Do you know when Christ will return? None do (Mt. 24:42). We need always to be ready for His coming (2 Cor. 5: 10). If you have not obeyed the gospel, then you are not ready!

(5) Because Christianity Is The Secret To True Happiness! Living it up in sin is not all that it appears! You may think if you could do whatever you wish you would be truly happy. No so! True joy comes by living as God would have us live! “Blessed are they that do his commandments . . .” (Rev. 22:14). Christ gives us our direction, meaning to our lives, a purpose for being here. The world and sin cannot teach us what life is all about.

(6) Because You Will Have More Time To Serve God! Those who obey in their youth have more background and time to progress to greater heights spiritually. Those who do wait till later in life to obey always regret wasting those early, precious years, when they could have used their strength and energy for Jesus.

(7) To Be The Proper Example To Others! You can never influence others to do right unless you yourself have obeyed the gospel. Young people need to be concerned about their influence and be a proper example in all areas (1 Tim. 4:12; Prov. 20:11).

(8) Because Death Is Near To A It Of Us! You may feel like you are young and your life is in front of you, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you will live forever. Death is not limited to old people. David said that there is but a step between him and death (1 Sam. 20:3). Life is brief, fleeting, and we could lose it any minute (Jas. 4:14; Psa. 39:4). Young people do die in automobile crashes, accidents, and by diseases! What a sad day it will be in judgment for those young people who knew the truth, but delayed to obey, and death took them prematurely away from every last opportunity to obey the gospel on earth!

Guardian of Truth XXVIII: 16, p. 486
August 16, 1984