Hoyt H. Houchen Added To Our Staff

By Mike Willis

From time to time, new involvements demand different uses of one’s time. This is not to say that one’s devotion to the Lord is thereby minimized; it only explains why some changes must be made. Several weeks ago, Larry Hafley informed me that he would no longer be able to do the work required to write our question-answer column for Truth Magazine. At that time, I began to search for a new writer for this column.

For the sake of clarity, let me emphasize that I had no dissatisfaction with the quality of Larry Hafley’s work. Through the years, he has done an excellent job of hand ling the question-answer column. Furthermore, because he has decided that he must give up the question-answer column does not mean that he will quit writing for Truth Magazine as a staff writer. Larry is a prolific writer; not only is there abundance in the number of articles which he writes, he also turns out quality material. We expect his labors in this area to continue and expect to publish many more good articles from his pen in Truth Magazine. To my knowledge, I have never known of one of his articles to have been returned because of poor attitude or poor research. That is quite a compliment to any writer!

As I began to search for someone to take Larry’s place, many different men were recommended or considered. Repeatedly, the name of Hoyt H. Houchen was mentioned as a qualified man to handle such a column. He is highly respected all over this nation for his work’s sake. Hence, we proudly announce the addition of him to our staff.

Biographical Sketch

Hoyt H. Houchens was born in Cordell, Oklahoma, December 28, 1918. In 1921, the family moved to Calexico, California and resided there a few months before moving to Ontario, California, where he attended elementary schools, and graduated from Chaffey High School in 1937. He was baptized into Christ by S.E. Witty, April 21, 1929. He preached his first sermon in August of 1936 and did part-time preaching at Ontario during his senior year in high school.

In the fall of 1937, he enrolled in George Pepperdine College (now Pepperdine University) and graduated from that institution in 1941 with a B.A. degree. He was a member of the first four year graduating class. He met Doris Ruth Wilson of Jacksonville, Florida, while she was also a student at Pepperdine. They were married on July 9, 1940. To this union were born three sons: Ron, Dennis, and Larry, all graduates of Florida College. Ron, an audiologist in Fort Worth, Texas, married Sammie Carter (niece of Granville and Leonard Tyler); Dennis, who is employed in fabrication work in Denver, married Karen Duncan whose father was an elder at the Tenth St. Church in Columbus, Indiana, for several years; and Larry married Linda Buck whose father serves as an elder in Sepulveda, California. All three of the boys preach when called upon, but Larry is preaching full-time, presently preaching for the church in Tustin, California. The Houchens have seven grandchildren.

Hoyt Houchens has done considerable writing through the years and formerly served as a staff writer for the Gospel Guardian and Vanguard. He is the author of, a compilation of sermon outlines, Sermons Inside and Out, published in 1954 but now out of print. He has compiled several Bible courses which he hopes to publish sometime in the future.

He has had a few debates. In 1950, while preaching at Central in Amarillo, Texas, he met Ray Tatum (Fundamental Baptist) in a debate which was held in the Municipal Auditorium in Amarillo and was attended by about 1800 people on the last night. This debate is published in book form but is also out of print.

His father resides in Ontario, California, where he had served as an elder for some forty years. Hoyt Houches preaches for the Boston St. church in Aurora, Colorado, and is now in his twelfth year of work with this church. He also serves as one of the elders. He preaches in about eight meetings per year throughout the nation.

A Regular Column

The question-answer column in Truth Magazine is designed to be a regular column. We would hope that a question-answer column could be carried in every other issue of Truth Magazine. That depends upon you, however. Consequently, let me encourage you to send your Bible question to brother Hoyt Houchen, 1838 S. Fairplay St., Aurora, CO 80012. We hope that our reading audience will use this column to contribute to the greater success of Truth Magazine.

Truth Magazine XXIV: 31, p. 499
August 7, 1980