Hypocrisy And Self-Induced Blindness

By Wallace H. Little

There is no blindness as great as that which is self-induced. Benevolence has been the “long suit” of our liberal brethren – at least if one would listen to what they say and read what they write.

The April 22, 1979 issue of the Broadway Bulletin, published by the Church of Christ, 1924 Broadway, Lubbock, Texas headlined: “Special Contribution For Tornado Victims nears $15,000.” This was benevolence raised for the victims of the tornado that hit Wichita Falls, Texas a little earlier.

In the October 14, 1979 issue of the same paper, the lead paragraph under the headline read: “What a magnificent day! Praise God! Marvelous crowds. Beautiful worship. You gave over $200,000.00 in cash. And the bond program was launched with sales of over $I million.” This had reference to raising the money for Broadway’s new building.

If we would do simple mathematical computation, we will find that the members of that church spent 80 times as much for their building as they did for relieving the needy and destitute. It seems the appeal for the new building was more attractive than the one to relieve the suffering at Wichita Falls.

Pure religion and doing good indeed!

I am saddened that brethren are so self-deceived. Such hypocrisy!

Guardian of Truth XXV: 2, p. 18
January 8, 1981