I Have Sinned

By Larry Ray Hafley

The statement of our title appears only a few tunes in the Bible. Achan, Saul, David and the wandering, squandering son all said, “I have sinned” (Josh. 7:20; 1 Sam. 15:24; 2 Sam. 12:13; Lk. 15:18). How often have you said it? Perhaps, like myself, you have not said it often enough. Even when we know we are wrong, even when we see our errors, we still find it difficult to say, “I have sinned.” It is easier to say, “Well, I was mistaken, or “I should have known better.” Somehow, we just cannot find a way to simply acknowledge, have sinned.”

How much happier would your home be if you would say, “Honey, I have sinned, and I am sorry for treating you the way I did. Will you please forgive me?

Children, how much more pleas-ant would life be if you were to go to your dear mother and father and say, “Mom and Dad, I have sinned against you in what I did, and I am sorry, Will you please forgive me?”

Many families and many relationships could be restored if we would all repent and confess that I have sinned.” Broken homes, embittered hearts and divided brethren could again be united in sweet love aid fellowship if some soul would, simply say, “I have sinned.” “Lord, as it I?”

Ultimately, all sin is against God, as the texts that cc parry our topic indicate. I must say t the Lord “I have sinned” If you know you need to do so, why not do it now? You will never be more loving and lovable than when you say, “I have sinned.”

Guardian of Truth XXXVIII: 16, p. 13
August 18, 1994