I Lost A Friend To The World

By Phil Robertson

It certainly is realistic to see a young person lost in the immediate “pleasure” of the world. Pleasure hunters seek refuge upon the young, offering relentless promises. The life of a young person is so valuable and precious that any hindrance to those discrepancies of moral values can scar for life.

The home offers foundations in life that can either stand or fall in today’s society. When a person relieves himself from the confines of parental wings, the perilous world is open to him or her. This world does not offer the love, protection, and confidence that can be found at home or in God’s word. It does offer a “get rich quick” and “find pleasure any way you can” society. The gate is open for anyone desolate to fall asunder.

There was a young girl full of life and vigor, eager to please and a pleasure to accompany. She was part of an elite class of teenagers who would defend tooth and nail what they believed. It was not uncommon for her to even discipline, if not embarrass, other kids at church for their worldly actions. Her beauty was as brilliant as the sun and her attitude as consistent as time. However, she fell victim to a pleasure seeking society.

In my association with her, I was able to witness her change. The separation began when a need developed within her to be accepted by friends at school. Due to her quick growth, her size inhibited her in finding many dates, so any guy with a little interest was a joy.

The fall was a gradual process not evident to the casual bystander. A decline in family life soon developed and good grades were just a juvenile intuition. The pleasures of the world were gradually being allowed to slip ,into her pattern of living. She was no longer a discipline committee to the others but a pilgrim of joy on a new frontier. Her life soon lost the contentment it once had and now sought self-gratification.

Who was to blame for these actions? The mother for not providing an escape, pleasure seekers in whom she was seeking refuge, or herself for yielding to temptation?

I soon lost a trusted friend and faithful companion. No longer was there a bond of peace and friendship. Lies and dishonesty prevailed in her relationship with me. The example I had once admired was gone and lost to the very thing it once objected.

The sadness that followed was very discouraging. Questions were left unanswered and all I wanted was a reason why she had changed. These things are not supposed to happen to close friends.

She soon fell as far as one could imagine. Jobs were kept no longer than a couple of days. Money was spent on foreign substances and never saved. Pleasure was the only thing sought; yet it never came in enough quantities. Rumors about her life were spread among gossipers. However, she was no longer a credible source for truth herself. She hurt terribly those that wanted to still believe in her.

We never realize the power of the world until it affects someone close to home; how it can grind and play at even the strongest. Solomon spoke wisely of the world thousands of years ago by saying, “Allis vanity.” He had tried it all and it never fulfilled his needs, even though he had an unimaginable abundance of possessions.

This analysis of the world is so hard to conceive by all, but especially the young. Discontentment is the start of the problem and desire is the strength. The hardest hit are the parents and friends. It is a helpless feeling providing a lack of reasons and answers. Confiding in God and his grace is the only hope for the loved ones who are watching this fall. Should not confidence in God prevail anyhow?

Today she is supposedly on the road to recovery. Twice she managed the courage to force her way to the front of the congregation and confess wrong. Now, after remaining faithful for a short time, the world has overcome her again and true repentance did not withstand. Her mother has more than once experienced the horror of not knowing the whereabouts of her daughter. Now she allows her to stay at home and come and go as she pleases. This is rudely taken advantage of and not even an ounce of consideration is taken for her mother’s kindness.

The world can be a vicious enemy, taking our closest friends in the Lord. Like a boat without oars, their lives float aimlessly, helpless in the waters of life. Often friends and family blame themselves for the loss. Agonizing memories of lost opportunities to prompt the victim to change are always on the minds of those who care. Only one person can really be blamed for the fall and that is the victim.

In the story of the prodigal son this same situation is evident. The lost wander, not realizing his state while the saved hurt for his soul. The father is the one in agony in this parable. The son does not realize the pain he has caused his father by not repenting. If the son had realized this pain, perhaps he would have repented sooner.

I can hope and pray for my lost friend. She does not realize the pain she is causing or the aimless life she is living. Will she repent or stay the same? I don’t know. All I know is that I lost a friend to the world.

Guardian of Truth XXXIII: 1, p. 22
January 5, 1989