“I Love Golf”

By Cecil Douthitt

One dictionary definition of love is: “to like or desire enthusiastically.” I love golf. I don’t play golf, did once, wasn’t any good, so I quit. So why do I love golf? Well, let me tell you. Golf is an honest sport. Players keep their own score. If they make a mistake, they correct it at the end of the game even if it costs them the championship. Golf is a modest apparel sport. On August 9 two caddies were wearing shorts. They were informed this was not allowed and they must change into long pants immediately. Know what happened? They changed. No protest, no ACLU lawsuit, no riot. And the fans keep all of their clothes on also. Some of my brethren wear shorts when they get together. The PGA is setting a better example. I love golf. Golf is peaceful. Ever hear of a riot on the greens? A fist fight? A cursing match or brawl? “Teed off” in this game means to hit the ball. I love golf. It is a sober sport. On TV I haven’t seen beer or its ads all over the place. I haven’t seen players or spectators drinking or drunk. Golfers have manners. I love golf. Golf doesn’t promote selfish pride. Ever hear a duffer say, “I am the greatest! Nobody is as great as I am! Nobody can beat me!”? Golf is a decent sport. Golf is wholesome entertainment for spectators and players.

To the PGA I say, “You have my deepest respect and admiration. Please don’t change.”

Brethren, we can learn some lessons from the game of golf. Folks let’s apply these rules off the golf course. Let’s apply them to the course of life. Brethren who are duffers, play on, couch potatoes, watch on. I love golf. Fore!

Guardian of Truth XLI: 3 p. 4
February 6, 1997