“I Love You, Mom, I Love You, Dad”

By Morris Hafley

We may never know the far-reaching effect what we say may have on some young lady or young man. I shall be forever indebted to James “Dudy” Walker for a lesson he gave in “chapel” while I was in Florida College, just before the wheel was invented. He told us to tell our parents, the next time we were home, that we loved them. He said, “I can’t do that, both my parents have passed from this life. You can’t go to a cemetery and walk up to a tombstone and tell them that you love them; it’s too late. Tell them now while they are with you.” He said it with all the emotion necessary. I remember trying, without success, to hold back the tears from my eyes.

I made up my mind that, the next time I saw Mom and Dad, the first words they would hear would be those words. I have not failed to tell them, even though I know I haven’t said it enough.

“Dudy,” I hope that if given the opportunity you will deliver that same message again knowing the good that it has done and that it will be worth it to some parents when their child voices those beautiful words.

So, Mr. Walker, I thank you for your influence all these years and oh, by the way, “I love you, Mom! I love you, Dad!”