If You Think

By Larry Ray Hafley

__ living for the Lord is difficult, try dying without him.

 a church without elders is bad, try worshiping with unqualified ones.

 your children’s needs, noise, and scattered toys are driving you crazy, wait until they are grown and gone and your house is silent  maddeningly silent.

 your preacher preaches too long, perhaps your sins provide him with too much material.

 you are the only one whose work is unnoticed and unappreciated, talk to a diligent deacon in the local church.

 you will cease serving God because life is unfair, what will you say to Joseph, Jesus, Job, and Paul at the Judgment?

__ you have time to sin, your watch has stopped.

__ a clenched fist is bad, a closed, clenched heart is worse.

__ kindness is its own reward, reward yourself.

__ you have your pride to uphold, you probably need to let it down.

 you can have respect by demanding it, you will never command any.

__ living like a fool is cool, you are not so hot.

__ sin is like magic, you are right  it turns sheep into goats.

 a spoiled, crying baby is hard to please, wait until you have to deal with immature, adult versions.

 you can stand tall by cutting others down, you will not have a leg to stand on.

 you are not receiving everything you deserve, be thankful.

 living alone is the worst fate in the world, you need to talk to someone who is trapped in a bad marriage.

Guardian of Truth XL: No. 18, p. 24
September 19, 1996