Ignorance Is Bliss, “Now”?

By Tom Wheeler

I see in a UPI release in the Tulsa Daily World, October 25, 1971 some things that evidence the title. A group of so-called “churchwomen” and female liberationists reacted angrily to a stand taken by Episcopal Bishop C. Kilmer Myers. It seems that Myers teaches that Christs masculinity restricts the priesthood to men. One thing that puts the pressure on Myers is that previous area Bishop, James Pike, advocated women Priests.

Two truths that show the ignorance of those involved are:

1. All freedom is found in Christ. Those who walk in the light are in him. (I John 1: 7) Freedom is not found in the position of some would-be theologian, but in truth. (John 8:31-36) No man, woman, or young adult is free or liberated from anything until he is willing to submit to the will of God. God has informed woman about her work and man about his. Neither can be liberated from sin in the sphere of the other.

2. All Christians are priests (I Pet. 2:5). This passage is so simple that only those who want to create confusion, or a job for themselves, misunderstand it. I suppose one could be so ignorant of Gods Word that he would not know the passage exists. In such case ignorance is bliss “now.”

May 18, 1972