In Praise Of Christian Women

By Fred Melton

It has been said that behind every successful man there is usually a wise woman. Even the unmarried Apostle Paul found spiritual strength in those he called honorable or “noble women” among the Greek churches (Acts 13:16, 17; Rom. 16:1-4). 1 myself have found such women in almost every church I have been associated with. These women seem to have a special relationship toward the gospel of Christ and those who are dedicated to teaching it.

There is not the slightest indication of the “feminist” attitude among these spiritual giants. Indeed, at least one rather tongue-in-cheek appraisal of the feminist movement was expressed as, “Why should we lower ourselves to the social and moral equality of the men in this world.” These women do not need any social adjustments for they are already one of the greatest blessings in the church today.

The wives of foreign workers and those in other hard places may be singled out as notable in respect of dedication to preaching the gospel. Some of these “foreign women” have started their adult lives as virtual teenagers in what the rest of us might regard as intolerable conditions. Separated from family and friends, they are often thrown into an alien and sometimes hostile world where they must make new friends, learn different customs and sometimes a new language. This dedication can only be explained by a strong love of God and a desire to please their husbands.

Such women are to be highly commended and respected for their work’s sake as they are “noble women” in the making.

Guardian of Truth XXX: 4, p. 111
February 20, 1986