Inconsistency of Atheism: Moral Law

By Luther Blackmon

I have asked atheists why they consider it more immoral to kill a man than to kill a rat. After all, man is just animal matter, an improved monkey or a glorified ape. If he is not a direct “ascendant” of the rat, he is at least a cousin, according to atheistic evolution.

James Bales, in debate with a Mr. Teller, atheist, asked him what objection he could register if the citizens of that town should want to lynch him. He answered, “It would be unpleasant.” I would think so. But if 100 men found it pleasant to hang Mr. Teller, he should not complain because 100 to 1 are pretty good odds.

That’s real democracy at work. If there is no God, then there is no such thing as “right” or “wrong” except as men decide it, and what better way to decide what is best and pleasant than on a democratic basis? Of course, our civil laws protect men like Mr. Teller. But these civil laws are based on the “moral” law which was taken from the Bible. They were enacted by men who believe that the Bible came from God.

On the platform of atheistic evolution, who can say that Hitler did “wrong” when he butchered millions of Jews, and tried, by purging the weak and by selective breeding, to produce a nation of super-men? He was the strongest and his crowd the biggest in Germany at that time.

We destroy our dogs when they get old and sick. We ship our old horses off to make glue, fertilizer and dog-food. Why not take our old people, when they are no longer useful, and destroy them? Why not destroy a child who had the misfortune to be born deformed as we would a deformed puppy?

I challenge the atheistic evolutionist, every inch of him, from dandruff to bunion, whether he is illiterate or has a string of degrees as long as a well rope, to affirm that this would be “wrong” if the most of the people wanted it this way and made it law. It is safe enough for the atheist to teach his theories in a country where the law-making bodies ignore his theories when they enact laws. He will be safe enough as long as he is protected by laws which were enacted by men who believe in the God he denies. But if the law-makers ever start acting like they believe the theories of atheistic evolution, lookout!

Truth Magazine, XVIII:28, p. 2
May 16, 1974