Interesting Notes About Churches

By  Tarheel State

The church of Christ meeting on Ridgeway Road near Leaksville, North Carolina, had its beginning as a Christian Church in 1947. But the members soon learned the truth about the Lord’s church. They put instrumental music out of their worship and rejected societies doing the work of the church.

Many members left with the instrument, but a sufficient number were convinced of the truth and stood up for their convictions concerning the all-sufficiency of the scriptures and the Lord’s church. They removed all things for which they did not have a “thus saith the Lord.”

The Ridgeway Road church suffered through many problems incurred in their rejection of the Christian Church movement. But they weathered the storms.

Having rejected Christian Church innovations it was natural for them to steer clear of innovations like centralization of authority and funds, and church support of institutions. Brother Charles Crider worked with the group for three years and helped the brethren to a sturdy and sound stand against these innovations. Opposition to these innovations also brought many problems in the way of opposition from other congregations. But Ridgeway Road weathered these storms too.

J. O. Walter presently labors with this church and is working well with the brethren in an effort to spread truth and reach lost souls.

Truth Magazine VI, 12, p. 24
September 1962