It Is Better To…

By Larry Ray Hafley

—have only bread and homey than to have dread and money.

be sick in love than to be healthy in hatred.

crawl in light than to walk in darkness.

be silent than to speak and be sorry.

hear bad news that is true than good news that is false.

to cry in repentance than to laugh in iniquity.

accept a hard truth than to believe an easy lie.

be inconvenienced by necessity than to seek comfort in luxury.

be a slave in the Savior than to be a master in Satan.

imprisoned for truth than to be free in error.

be condemned for doing right than to be commended for doing wrong.

sail a rough sea home than to float gently to a foreign share.

”honor thy father and thy mother” while they live than to mourn the when they die.

to be pricked by the sword of truth than to be protected by the shield of error.

die in the aims of love than in the lap of luxury.

grant mercy to the undeserving than to take vengeance on the deserving

lead one from darkness than to “punch his lights out.”

be born ugly than to live that way.

pay a high price for truth than to buy sin on sale.

give grace than to sell favor.

extend a hand fast to swing a fist.

war in a good cause than to enjoy peace in a bad one.

–die for right than to live for wrong.

criticize kindly than to praise hypocritically,

be sold out than to sell out.

vainly love a good woman than to lave a vain one.

gain respect than revenge..

pity an evil man than to envy him.

be gifted in the Spirit than to be given to spirits

be considered fanatical in faithfulness than to be wise in worldliness

bless the cursed than to curse the blessed

see through the darkness; than to be blind in the light

Guardian of Truth XXXIX: 1 p. 4
January 5, 1995