Jehoiakims’ Penknife

By Dody Gibson

There was a man Jehoiakim,

And over Judah he did reign.

He was a very wicked king.

The Scripture makes it very plain.

The Lord spoke through Jeremiah,

From words written in a sacred scroll,

That he might turn from evil ways,

And in so doing save his soul.

But Jehoiakim flew into a rage.

He lost control and with great ire,

He clipped the words with his penknife,

And threw them all into the fire.

Now what of us living today?

Do we sometimes the scripture discard?

And using the penknife of neglect,

Leave God’s word so often marred?

How does your Bible read for you?

Go visit the sick, remember to pray,

Teach a class or sing a song?

What does your copy really say?

Do you miss meeting with the saints?

For by your actions you will declare,

If you have clipped these words away.

Better check to see if it’s still there.

Jeremiah 36:23

Truth Magazine XXII: 6, p. 104
February 9, 1978