Jimmy Tuten And Crossroads

By Jimmy Tuten

1n another periodical an attempt is made by a contributor to align me with brother Yater Tant’s soft-pedaling and tip-toeing on the Crossroads matter. I have been charged with giving “glowing reports” about Crossroadism and lending support to insidious error gone to seed in liberalism. So that there will be no misunderstanding as to where I stand, regardless of how the material came across to you in Truth Magazine (Vol. 24, Aug. 14, 21, 28 and October 9), grant me the. liberty of making the following statements:

(1) Tant and Tuten are poles apart on Crossroads. There are some things we do agree on (I guess we still do) regarding this cultic philosophy, i.e., total commitment of each child of God, etc. But the Crossroads “Methodology” and extreme liberalism (or, liberalism, period), I do not endorse. For some time brother Tant and I were in direct communication on this matter and I thought at that time (a couple of years ago) that brother Tant, like myself, was simply being cautious in the matter in view of its explosiveness and our lack of sufficient evidence to draw proper conclusions. I was, perhaps, neglectful in not following my initial article with a later article to document the cultic tendencies of Crossroads which became increasingly obvious to me. I confronted brother Tant at the Florida College Lectures two years ago and asked him point blank, “Will you tell us what, if anything, you disapprove of about Crossroads?” I am still waiting! I endorse unequivocally. Ron Halbrook’s attempt to draw Tant out of this (Guardian of Truth, Vol. 25, No. 49). His failure (i.e., Tant’s) to speak out is the thing that prompted me to increase my investigation and make further assessments. Where I stand, and have stood all along, but now with more resolve, is stated below. But first:

(2) Whatever I wrote and said in Truth Magazine was not intended to be a glowing report or endorsement of Crossroads. I said then and I say now (Truth Magazine, Oct. 9, 1980), “any attempt on our part to be fair in our criticisms and denunciations of the ‘Crossroads Philosophy’ is not to be understood as an endorsement of, her” (emphasis mine, jt). While it is true that some misunderstood my position, i.e., an attempt at clarification in the midst of grandiose explosiveness that makes it difficult during the heat to make proper assessment, most saw what my goal was and so stated (letters in my file verify this). Too, another brother who lived in Gainesville during the entire development wrote on the matter (Truth Magazine, Vol. 24, No. 49-50) and reechoed my sentiments. Neither one of us endorse the Crossroads philosophy.

(3) My position on Crossroads is this: I do not view her a cult in the vernacular of “Jim Jones Cultism,” but she is cultic. The increased volume of information about Crossroads that has continued to cross my desk since I wrote those first articles causes me to flatly and undeniably say, Now, Crossroads is cultic! She is more than that, she is liberalism gone to seed! If you ask me point blank, “Brother Tuten, is Crossroads a cult, or is she not?” I would have to respond in this either or proposition with a “yes, she is a cult.”

An Appeal

If this statement and clarification is not clear enough, tell me how I could say more clearly, “I am opposed to Crossroadism.” Please allow me the same liberties in expression as you want for yourself. I like to make my own butter though I milk a lot of cows! I am not a “bandwagon” man. I’m too busy looking at the direction they are taking and keep missing them. I had rather walk “with my God” anyway. Any charge that Tant and Tuten are taking the same position on Crossroads is way off base! I have told you where I stand, if you did not understand before. Let’s work together and get brother Tant to tell us exactly where he now stands. If he has been keeping up with what has been happening on this matter, surely he can make proper assessment by now. Brother Tant, you have meant so much to me in the past. I shall never forget that it was you as editor of the Gospel Guardian who first encouraged me to write. Your writing has guided me in the formative years after my “new birth” and helped me see the light of day of institutionalism. Will you now join me in exposing and condemning the errors of Crossroadism? If not, why not? I am tired of the battle too, but the bugle continues to sound! “Soldiers of Christ arise . . .!” Amen.

Guardian of Truth XXVI: 5, p. 70
February 4, 1982