Just 20 Years From Anarchy!

By Raymond Harris

The awesome responsibility for bringing children into the world should be carefully considered by all of the age and disposition to do so. With the coming forth of each generation, society is only twenty years from barbarism! Yes, twenty years is all the time we have to educate and civilize the infants born into our midst each year.

When these tiny “Bundles of Joy” come into our midst, they know nothing of our language, our culture or our customs. They must be taught to understand and communicate with others in their immediate environment. At birth the child knows nothing of our religion, our values or interpersonal relations. Unless they are taught (and caused to believe), they will never reverence God, accept the difference between right and wrong, or come to respect the person and property of others.

The infant is totally ignorant about Communism, Fascism or Democracy. We cannot “assume” that our offspring will instinctively or automatically agree with and share our political beliefs. They must be enlightened and informed as to the strength and weakness of all political systems, if they are to function intelligently as adults in a world largely controlled and influenced by a variety of political ideologies.

The newborn knows nothing of civil liberties, civil rights, racism or prejudice.

The newborn knows nothing about respect, decency, honesty, morality, manners, conventions and propriety.

Truly, each little bundle of “total ignorance” must be tamed and schooled and trained very carefully if civilization is to survive!

If the child learns to accept and obey the rules, it is a start.

If the child leans to love and respect his parents, brothers and sisters, and playmates, it is a start.

If the child is fortunate he will have parents and other teachers who will impress upon him the fact that certain things are always right and there are certain things that are always wrong.

If we succeed in pointing today’s toddlers in the right direction, we will survive for a while.

On the other hand, if our little ones grow up filled with selfishness, prejudice, rebellion and greed, we are doomed to a bleak future. If our little ones grow up indoctrinated with situation ethics, humanism and other Communistic inspired philosophies, God help us!

Guardian of Truth XXVIII: 22, p. 680
November 15, 1984