Keeping the Presses Rolling

Board of Directors of the Guardian of Truth Foundation

Sometimes a person gets the impression that the Guardian of Truth Foundation’s only work is publishing Guardian of Truth magazine. Actually, this is the smaller portion of works that are designed to serve the needs of brethren. We would like you to be aware of other phases of our work.

Bible School Literature

The Guardian of Truth Foundation publishes three different sets of Bible school literature.

1. The Truth in Life series of Bible school literature has been one of the most popular series of Bible school literature used by brethren since the institutional controversy. In the 1970s brethren became disappointed with the liberalism they were finding in the literature produced by institutional brethren. A group of brethren met to discuss the need for producing a series of Bible school literature and the Guardian of Truth Foundation began the project. The work was edited under the competent oversight of three distinguished brethren: Roy E. Cogdill, Cecil Willis and Ferrell Jenkins. Many respected brethren joined the editors in producing this series of literature by writing books for the series. This series of literature was produced at a cost of approximately $250,000. It has served the needs of brethren for 25 years.

Recently, the weaknesses of this material in the pre-school and primary grades have been addressed. Even as we write, work is being done to completely re-write these sections of the literature under the capable oversight of

Joyce Willis. Sister Willis holds a PhD. in elementary education and teaches at Youngstown (OH) State University. She is also married to Lewis Willis, faithful gospel preacher. In association with Mike Willis these six years of the series will be completely re-written under sister Willis’ editorial over-sight to be sure that the material is geared to the level of the student. The writing of year one is already completed.

2. The Walking with God series of Bible class literature has been a favorite with many for many years. Formerly this series was published under the name of Journeys Through the Bible. Many of us can remember studying this material as children. Several years ago, the weaknesses of this material in the preschool and primary years necessitated the complete re-writing of this section. Under the direction of Mike Willis and Shirley Mohon, this material was completely re-written. The last year of that material is finally at the printer. Already we are receiving many complimentary comments about this material and this series of literature has enjoyed a revival of interest as a result of this revision.

3. The Use Your Bible Workbooks series has been a favorite of many churches for nearly fifty years. Originally published by the C.E.I. company, it still is popular because of its emphasis on using the Bible to answer the questions in the workbooks, rather than relying too heavily on workbooks.

A Series of Adult Workbooks

Over the years, the Guardian of Truth Foundation has worked to prepare adult workbooks that address the needs of local congregations. We have been blessed with many very popular books. Some of the better known and older favorites have been the workbooks by Roy E. Cogdill entitled The New Testament Church and W a l k i n g B y Faith. I n recent years, many new titles have been added.

1. The Bible Study Textbook series is well under way. This series intends to provide a workbook for every book of the Bible. Already in print are Genesis, Exodus, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, Luke, Acts (Johnny Stringer), 1-2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon (Herschel Patton), and Revelation (Weldon Warnock). Books that have been written but are not yet printed cover Leviticus-2 Kings. Unless otherwise noted, these workbooks have been written by Mike Willis.

2. A number of miscellaneous titles are already in print. Bible Basics for Believers by Weldon E. Warnock has been a very popular workbook for new converts classes and foundational material for all adult Bible classes.

A Study of Bible History and Geography by Sandra and Bob Waldron is a one-year study guide that ties together Bible history and geography. Complete with maps for the student to work with, this study has been well received.

Church History by Aude McKee is another popular study that takes a student briefly through the Roman Catholic apostasy, Protestant reformation (including specific histories of a number of denominations), and restoration movement.

Family Life: A Biblical Perspective by L.A. Stauffer continues to be a popular and excellent study of the home as God would have it.

God’s Perfect Plan by Kelly Ellis is a good synopsis of the plan of redemption that has been used in the program of study of the Danville, Kentucky church.

Responsibility and Authority in the Spiritual Realm by Dan King and Leon Boyd is a fresh study of Bible authority by two competent brethren. We are getting good reviews of this material.

Rudiments of Sight Singing and Song Directing by R.J. Stevens is a one-of-a-kind book. There is nothing on the market that compares to this training manual for song leaders.

Study of Premillennialism edited by Mike Willis is a study that might go unnoticed. This material originally appeared as a special issue of Guardian of Truth and questions were added to it by Johnny Stringer. As denominational interest in prophetic speculation increases as we approach the year 2000, we are expecting more and more brethren to find this study appealing.

Teaching: The Heart of the Matter by John Smith is the best workbook on the market to assist a congregation in training its teachers. There is nothing to compare it to of which we are aware. Written by a former public school teacher who has left teaching in public schools to preach the gospel, this workbook suggests ways to improve your work as a teacher, including an especially helpful chapter on questions designed to encourage class participation.

We Gather Together by Mike Willis is a workbook on congregational worship. After some introductory lessons on worship, this workbook provides two lessons on each of the five acts of worship. One lesson discusses the denominational apostasies relative to that act of worship and the second lesson discusses the positive things that should be accomplished in that act of worship. This workbook is already in its third printing and continues to be popular.

Women Professing Godliness by Donnie V. Rader is a thirteen lesson workbook on the role of women. Originally this material was published in Searching the Scriptures. Donnie added several lessons and prepared questions for this material. In light of the controversies that are brewing over women preachers and women attending business meetings, we encourage brethren to use this material.

New Titles Coming

In addition to these books that are already released, several new titles are going to be released in the not too distant future. To whet your appetite, we will mention a few.

The Church: A Biblical Perspective by L.A. Stauffer. This workbook, patterned after his popular workbook on the home, is a fresh study of the New Testament church. In view of the restructuring movement that is active among our liberal brethren and spreading over to influence some of us, this material is extremely relevant and needed. How long has it been since the church where you worship studied about the Lord’s church?

The Course of This World by Edward O. Bragwell. This examination of the spirit of worldliness is ready for the printer. We always need material to help us overcome the spirit of worldliness. This material should fill that need.

The Book of Leviticus by Mike Willis is another workbook in the series of Bible Study Textbooks for those who are methodically progressing through the Bible.

Truth Commentaries

In January, the first volume of Truth Commentaries, edited by Mike Willis, came off the press. We have been encouraged by the favorable comments we have received about this first volume. Two other volumes are now available: Galatians by Mike Willis and Ephesians by Golly G. Caldwell.

Other volumes are moving toward completion. Clinton Hamilton’s work on 1-2 Peter and Jude soon will be completed. Robert Harkrider is hoping to finish Revelation this year. Walton Weaver has completed Philippians is advancing through chapter two of Colossians. This series of commentaries will be an impressive set of books that you will want to add to your library.

An Editorial Staff of One

Our editorial staff consists of Mike Willis. Everything that we publish goes through his office. The preparation of books for publication is his work. This is added to his work of editing Guardian of Truth, a 32-page magazine that is published two times every month. He carries on this work in addition to preaching regularly for the Danville (IN) church of Christ. There he edits a weekly bulletin in addition to teaching his Bible classes and preaching. This is done without secretarial help. If he is slow in answering correspondence, perhaps you can understand why and be tolerant.

Two Bookstores

In addition to our publishing ventures, we run two first rate bookstores. Guardian of Truth Bookstore in Bowling Green, Kentucky is operated under the capable oversight of Alan Birdwell and the C E I Bookstore under O.C. Birdwell, Jr. Johnny and Nanette Stringer are being trained to take over the management of the C E I store. Both stores provide fast and dependable service in filling the needs of churches and individuals. Most frequently used publications are kept in stock and can be mailed to the customer the same day they are ordered.


We who are associated with Guardian of Truth appreciate the opportunity to serve that has been provided through this Foundation. We have no visions of being creed writers for the brethren, becoming a synod or council (or pope), serving as the standard for truth, or becoming an individually supported missionary society. The Bible is the only absolute standard of right and wrong and everything we publish is designed to turn men away from the thoughts and opinions of men and toward the revealed word of God. The church is all-sufficient to accomplish its God-given mission. The Guardian of Truth Foundation is in the publishing business and we are trying to serve the needs of Christians. We encourage you to examine our work and see if you agree.

Guardian of Truth XXXVIII: 17, p. 16-18
September 1, 1994