L.L. Freeman Passes

By Olen Holderby

Brother L.L. Freeman of Modesto, California died November 23, 1981; funeral services were held Wednesday, November 25 in Modesto. The short message was delivered by this writer and burial followed in a local cemetery.

Brother Freeman is survived by his widow Lona, four daughters, three sons, four step-children, one sister, and three brothers. He had just two months short of age 79 at the time of his death. One son, Jack Freeman, of Las Vegas, Nevada is a faithful gospel preacher. I would call brother Freeman one of the old “work horses” of the church, especially in California and Oregon. There are many congregations in California alone that owe their existence to this good man and his untiring efforts. Many of those churches fell victim to “liberalism” during the 1950s and 60s.

Brother Freeman was a good man and a faithful proclaimer of the Word. I have often heard him speak of his associations with such men as Foy Wallace, Jr. and C.R. Nichol. Brother Freeman paid a heavy toll, at times, for remaining true to the Book but his loyalty to the Truth could not be questioned. The last 20 or 25 years of his labors were in the Modesto area, being responsible for two loyal congregations.

We extend our sympathy to his good wife Lona and to their children. We trust that they shall find comfort in the fact that Brother Freeman was a faithful servant of the Almighty.

Guardian of Truth XXVI: 5, p. 69
February 4, 1982