Leadership Change In GOT Foundation

By Board of Directors For Guardian of Truth Foundation

The Board of Directors of the Guardian of Truth Foundation elected brother Fred Pollock as its new president on 14 September 1984, due to the recent resignation of brother Earl Robertson. The Guardian of Truth Foundation board expressed confidence in brother Pollock for his strength as a Christian, his past service to our board, and for his broad business experience.

In assuming his new duties, brother Pollock said, “I look forward to supporting in this role the good work of Mike Willis, O.C. Birdwell, and all their co-workers. With this dedicated capable group and wise policy direction by a Board of faithful Christians, we promise to continue providing a Bible-oriented journal and other printed materials for use by Christians as they seek and follow God’s will as revealed in His Word. We solicit the prayers of all saints in this effort.”

Fred Pollock is an elder in the Mill Road church in Cincinnati, Ohio, a long-time member of the Board of Directors of Florida College, and Associate Director of Research and Development of the Procter and Gamble Company. Brother Pollock attended Freed-Hardeman College and received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Vanderbilt University in 1947. He is the son-in-law of the late, well-known gospel preacher, B.G. Hope and the father-in-law of Royce Chandler who preaches in Mason, Ohio. Brother Pollock will serve out the unexpired term of president of the Guardian of Truth Foundation. Brother Robertson relinquished his duties in a letter to the board on 15 August 1984. After more than twenty years as board member and several years as president and chairman of the board, brother Robertson requested “to be released from Chairman of your board and board membership,” and stated that he intends to spend a period of time at home before taking up other plans. As the board always has done in the past, it honored the resignation of its president and selected a successor. The board is thankful to brother Pollock for his willingness to accept the challenge of this new assignment.

The Guardian of Truth Foundation continues to operate as a nonprofit business organization. Its purpose is to publish the Guardian of Truth magazine and other literature useful to Christians. The two series of class literature published by the Guardian of Truth Foundation, Walking With God and Truth In Life, continue to be used by many faithful churches because their content is true to the Bible. Brethren have appreciated the primary emphasis of these two series which is to create an attitude of respect for the Scriptures at every grade level. We are currently revising these workbooks to give them added strength. The Foundation is committed to publishing new literature and reprinting classics which will be useful to Christians for years to come.

The overall direction of the Foundation in publishing and marketing religious literature was reviewed in the 14 September 1984 board meeting. Taking note of the accomplishments of both past and present leaders, the board expressed several reasons why it expects continued progress in serving the needs of brethren for sound teaching material. For instance, the Board commended O.C. Birdwell and his entire staff for its work in moving the bookstore to Bowling Green, Kentucky, in operating the bookstore, and for his management of the business. The Board also commended Mike Willis for his service to the foundation in editing Guardian of Truth.

The Foundation’s board, its new president, and the staff of our whole operation look forward to improving all our services. Brethren, let us hear from you about your needs and suggestions for improved service.

Guardian of Truth XXVIII: 22, pp. 675-676
November 15, 1984