Letters To The Editors

By Dick Blackford

I have often encouraged Christians to write letters to the editors of their local newspapers concerning religious and moral issues of our day. This is about the only “marketplace” left where one can express his views without it costing anything. Most editors have some guidelines and restrictions (some won’t allow you to quote scripture) but there still is an opportunity to get through with some truth and to expose error.

Humanistic reasoning has been the live issue in the media. Here are some letters I have written in the past few months dealing with this subject.

To Little Rock’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Editor:

This is a response to your special feature on Helen Gurley Brown, editor of Cosmopolitan and author of Sex and the Single Girl. She bragged that her greatest accomplishment was the sexual liberation of young women.

We owe a lot to Helen. Her promotion of self-indulgence caused unwanted pregnancies to skyrocket. Many of those single girls had sex with married men and the divorce rate skyrocketed too. Add to that a huge increase in death by abortion to innocent preborn babies. Add to that many children growing up with only one parent who is absent much of the time making a living. Add to that an increase in crime because moral training is often neglected due to circumstances. Add to that the V.D. epidemic. Add to that higher taxes to pay for all the damage in each of these areas.

The breakdown of the family was listed by Edward Gibbon as the first cause for the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. To determine the true health of a nation, take a look at its homes.

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Helen got that backwards. She did it to her country and for herself, and laughs all the way to the bank.

Score one for women’s lib and the humanistic philosophy that says “self first.” Thanks Helen. We owe a lot to true liberals like you when it comes to morality.


Also to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Editor:

Our president wrings his hands at the rise in crime and its increasingly bizarre nature. Little Rock just had its worst year. The surgeon general wrings her hands over AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, and illegal drugs. We are stunned at the magnitude of these problems.

The liberal solution has been to throw money at problems in the form of more policemen, condoms, abortion, and legalized drugs. None of these reaches the hearts of the people and may be like extinguishing a fire with gasoline. Our nation flounders to solve its problems while it has bound and gagged itself against teaching morality. It is now unsafe to go anywhere. When you bury your head in the sand the part left sticking out becomes very vulnerable. As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

A major factor is the breakdown of the family. An absent parent causes the other one to work outside the home and to be preoccupied with housework upon returning. Moral training of the children is neglected. Some of our most bizarre crimes were committed by young people from broken homes. The family is under attack from Hollywood and the music industry as adultery and sodomy are glorified and monogamous marriage is made light of.

Humanists have become our “social engineers.” Human life becomes cheap when children are taught they had a bleak origin from lower animals with no future destiny but to die. Homicides and suicides have increased greatly among the young. When each man is recognized as worth more than the whole world and created in God’s image, life greatly increases in value. One’s beliefs about his origin affect his estimate of human life. Little Rock gave evolution a victory a few years ago. We are now reaping.

Humanism redefines morality. It is moral to protect endangered species but immoral to overpopulate society. Thus, save whales but abort babies. Humanism’s doctrine of “no moral absolutes” has turned morality upside down and a whole generation is confused. The Bible and prayer have been replaced with fiction on animal origins and how to use a condom.

Feminism is a part of humanism. What was intended to demand respect for women, has backfired. The “in your face” attitude of women’s lib with the “it’s my body and I can do what I want with it” philosophy has led to increased adultery (breaking up marriages), AIDS, and unwanted babies which are aborted or raised with the same philosophy so as to repeat the cycle. Humanistically thinking, why would a man make a lifetime commitment in marriage when he can have the privileges without the obligations? Instead of increased respect, women are viewed as pieces of flesh to gratify lust. Who can blame the rapist who acts out of the evolutionary view of “the survival of the fittest”? He learned it at school.

Some of the blame also rests with a clergy that has the backbone of a jellyfish. Many seem unable to decide the simplest of moral issues. They have left the pure gospel and perverted churches into country clubs with their social gospel. Periodically they call for a National Day of Prayer when they should be calling for a National Day of Repentance with genuine change from the heart.

The social engineers have made a terrible mess as they refuse to acknowledge that “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Prov. 14:34). History shows that no nation has ever survived its own moral decline. Will America change the course of history? Only if she repents.


To Abigail Van Buren in care of The Jonesboro Sun: Dear Abby:

You recently told a woman her adultery was wrong. You also told a father his daughter was wrong for letting her male friend sleep over. I commend you for taking a stand for what is right. In making such statements you imply there is a moral standard that should govern us. What is that standard? I don’t believe you are saying it is you. Therefore, I assume you are being true to your Jewish upbringing and using the Scriptures as your standard. However, they also explicitly condemn sodomy, which you uphold. Abby, you can’t have it both ways. Both adultery and sodomy are a scourge to mankind and are killing this once great nation. You have the ability and influence to clarify morality or to confuse. I encourage you to send forth a clear sound, rather than confusion.


Also to Abby in care of The Jonesboro Sun: Dear Abby:

Your response was right to “Tough Decision” who promised to tell his grandparents of his brother’s homosexuality after the brother died. The rabbi said you were wrong from a “Jewish ethical perspective” and you should have opted for compassion as “the more compel-ling of the values.” More compelling to whom? This subjective standard makes each person into his own god. What could be more Jewish and more ethical than “Thou shalt not bear false witness” (Exod. 20:16)? Where did he get authority to set aside this commandment? Certainly not from the Hebrew Scriptures. His perspective is humanistic, not Jewish.

Judging from the crime rate and the number of students who cheat, it isn’t hard to see that people have problems with honesty. When religious leaders give forth such uncertain sounds there will be consequences. If we can’t depend on the Scriptures which have stood the test of time, we certainly can’t depend on religious leaders who are here today and gone tomorrow.

Ideally, the brother should have had the courage to confess his own homosexuality while he was alive, if he wanted it told. A person should think twice before making promises that have unpleasant consequences (Eccl. 5:4,5).


At this time the two letters to Abby have not been published. It is hard to get through but I still have hope. I want to encourage readers to get involved in using this teaching medium. If you have trouble with grammar, spelling or punctuation, ask for help from a fellow Christian who may be qualified. If there is anything in this article that you can use, feel free to do so. If you strike a nerve it is possible you may get some anonymous mail or phone calls. Even some threats. Count it all joy (Acts 5:41). You may also receive encouragement from right thinking people, and that helps. Regardless, let us be about our Father’s business.

Guardian of Truth XXXVIII: 10, p. 3-5
May 19, 1994