Look Out, “The How Is Not Told”

By A. C. Grider

We have been telling our liberal brethren that their defense of benevolent organizations was paving the way for the destruction of the last particle of distinction between the Lord’s Church and the denominations. We have been telling them their defense of these benevolent societies could and would be used in the field of evangelism and would reduce the Lord’s Church to a mere denomination. We have now reached that point!

Observe: The liberals have said, “God told us to care for orphans but He did not tell us how to care for them.” Then they argue that it is scriptural for churches of Christ to build and maintain benevolent societies through which to care for orphans. I want you to let that sink in for a minute. They say that since God said care for orphans and did not tell us how to do it, that means the churches can work through benevolent societies. That sounds like it might be right. But, is it? Is it true that if God says do something and does not tell how to do it that it means the churches can work through a body separate and apart from the church? If it is not true, then everything the liberals have said in defense of the benevolent societies falls flat and they have a foot in their mouth. But if it is true, then the liberals have both feet in their mouth.

In the September 1963 issue of the Herald of Truth Newsletter, Willard Collins had an editorial entitled “Go With God’s Plan.” The first sentence in paragraph three said, “God did not specify any particular method for us to use in spreading the gospel of Christ.” Now, to start with, Collins says we should go with God’s plan! But then he declares that God does not have a plan. So Collins has God saying do it how I said, but I did not say how!

But let us apply the liberal’s position in benevolence to this matter. The Lord said help orphans but did not tell how, so we can have the churches to build benevolent societies through which to do it. And the Lord said spread the gospel but he did not tell us how to do it, so we can build missionary societies through which to get the job done.

Now one of two things is true. Either the liberal brethren do not believe what they teach relative to benevolent societies, or they do believe in church support of Missionary Societies. Actually there is no doubt that the latter is true. That is why no liberal preacher among us condemns any innovation among us.

Brethren, all of these man-made societies are in this thing together. I doubt if they have entered into an agreement not to condemn each other’s apostasy. They may not even be aware that they should condemn any departure. If they can not see in their own, “brain storms” an apostasy, how can we expect them to see any departure anywhere. They are to be pitied. Satan is using these men and these machines to damn arid destroy the Church of the Lord. Satan could not check the growth of the church from without, so he came within and through these men started the church marching in the direction of a complete and total apostasy.

Pray for these men that they will repent and return to the New Testament. Pray for these societies that they should die the death that all man-started societies within the church should die. Pray for faithful brethren that they shall always remain faithful. Pray for the churches that as many as possibly can will be saved from the fall.

Truth Magazine XXI: 26, p. 413
June 30, 1977