Looking for a Loophole

By Robert Wayne LaCoste

A loophole” is defined as “a means of evading something unpleasant.” (Webster’s New World Dictionary, p. 443). Human nature is such that people will go to almost any extreme to avoid the unpleasant, even if their action turns out in the long run to cause more severe unpleasantness.

We see this often in regard to spiritual matters. When discussing water baptism, it is not uncommon to see people come up with far fetched scenerios that, if it were not so series, would be down right amusing. “What if an alligator eats me before I can be baptized, surely you do not believe I would be lost?”

When it comes to the plain and simple truth of Jesus on marriage and divorce, people have exclaimed, “Well what if it wasn’t a divorce God recognized?This means when one of the parties finally commits fornication, then the other can mentally put them away or divorce them and scripturally remarry.” Of course, again it needs to be pointed out that God will recognize it as an unscriptural divorce! Jesus plainly said that such divorces were possible (Matt. 19:9) and that when it happens and the parties involved remarry, they are guilty of living in adultery. This idea of “mental divorce,” brethren, is not in the Scriptures and this loophole will not work to justify two people remarrying who do not have the right to do so!

How sad this is! Looking for a loophole is a definite reflection upon one’s attitude toward God and his word. One who has the proper love of God and respect for his word is not so inclined. We “fear God and keep his commandments” (Eccl. 12:13) in awe and trembling of who he is and what he can and will do. The humble servant of the Lord doesn’t look for loopholes. Rather his attitude is that of young Samuel, “Lord speak, thy servant heareth.”

How can one say he loves the Lord when he is looking for a way around plain and simple instruction? Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (Jn. 14:15).

Love obeys, it doesn’t look for a way of evasion.

Guardian of Truth XXXIV: 11, p. 342
June 7, 1990