“Lord, Be With Us . . .”

By Morris Hafley

You have no doubt heard about the preacher’s wife who went to the doctor’s office and told him that she had a snoring problem and the doctor asked, “Does it bother your husband? ” She responded, “It bothers the whole congregation!” Robert Turner has probably already used this little story but it fits with what I am about to say too.

You have heard many pray, “Lord, be with us throughout the further exercise of this service.” Our service to God should exercise us. It should exercise our minds as we sing the songs, listen to prayers being prayed, and give “our undivided attention to the speaker of the hour.” We could even have our Bibles open on our laps and turn to the passage given as the preacher preaches! I have even seen a few taking notes.

You have also heard many pray, “Lord, be with us throughout the rest of this service.” After two songs, a prayer and another song the preacher gets up to preach and many sit down to get the “rest” of the service. Some do not like those preachers “who do not need a microphone.” Maybe, it is because they disturb their “rest” of the service.

If you find yourself checking your eyelids for holes during your worship to God you ought to be ashamed of yourself for offering such to God. See Malachi 1:13; Hebrews 5:12-14.

Guardian of Truth XXXI: 8, p. 230
April 16, 1987