Lynn Headrick Passes

By Hiram Hutto

On January 15, 1998 Lynn Headrick, faithful Christian and gospel preacher, passed away at his home in Anderson, Alabama, a few miles west of Athens. He was born May 31, 1928. He is survived by his good wife, Mary Faye (Hall), to whom he was married on September 4, 1953. Other survivors include his children, Doug Headrick, Deanna Haggenmaker, Linda Gregory, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Burial was in the Valley View Cemetery near Athens, Alabama.

Lynn was born about 20 miles south of Dallas, Texas, on a farm between Red Oak and Ferris. Later the family moved near Sinton, Texas. It was here that he learned the value of work. If you ever heard him preach very much, you heard him give some good illustrations of work on the farm and in the cotton gin. Probably it was here that his concern for the gospel in Mexico was kindled and continued until his death. This interest is manifested in that the family requested that instead of flowers, it would be appreciated that support for the Mexican work be given. This could be sent to Wayne Partain, a long-time friend and a faithful and tireless worker in that field. No doubt, there are scores of men preaching the gospel today among Spanish-speaking people as a result of the generosity of the Headricks and surely, there are hundreds of Spanish- speaking people who have heard the message of salvation through the efforts of Mary Faye and Lynn. I first met Lynn about 40 years ago. By that time he had finished his BA work at Lipscomb and his MA degree at Peabody. He, with Sewell Hall, his future brother-in-law, moved to Alabama Christian College to teach school. While teaching there, he preached for the church at Ramer. Later he preached in Lafayette, Georgia, Acipco in Birmingham, and Saraland (Mobile) Alabama. His brother remarked to me that Lynn had always striven to reach a higher level, and this was true whether in work sports, education, or the Lord’s work. This is seen in that in the early 1960s he decided to further his education and enrolled at the University of Alabama. At that time, there was no sound church there so seeing the need, one was established through his efforts. After finishing his doctoral work, Lynn moved to North Alabama where he served as Dean of Students at Calhoun Community College. Although his position there required much of his time his main concern and goal in life was preaching and teaching the word of God. In North Alabama he preached for the Valley View church near Athens and the Old Moulton Road church in Decatur.

Then he began work with the Jackson Drive church in Athens where he preached for 16 years. It was my good fortune to follow him in the work at Jackson Drive. I was able to see very early what a great work he did here. In fact, he did a good work wherever he went. After this he preached in the Birmingham area with the Sun Valley and Hueytown churches. At the time of his sickness he was preaching with the New Georgia church in Anderson, Alabama, who were a great encouragement and support to him and his family during this trying time.

Lynn was characterized by many great and spiritual qualities. Like Nathaniel, he was an Israelite indeed, in whom was no guile (John 1:17). Like the seven men in Acts 6, he was of good report, full of the Spirit and of wisdom; and like Barnabas, he was a good man (Acts 11:24). As David said of Abner, a great man is fallen this day in Israel (2 Sam. 3:38). Indeed he was a great man, and most every- body found that out, except Lynn Headrick. While he was characterized by humility, there was one characteristic that stands out in my mind. While serving as Dean at Calhoun, many opportunities arose for compromise, but he would not yield. When it came to matters of right and wrong, he was unyielding. May his tribe increase.

His influence for good is known far and wide. This is evident in that approximately 50 gospel preachers from as far away as Northern Indiana and Florida came to visit with the family.

The funeral director said that on the Friday night before the funeral service between 700 and 800 people came by. At the funeral service an overflow crowd of about 500 were present. I was honored to be asked to speak at the funeral service. Those assisting in the service were Jim Sasser, a close personal friend of Lynn and Mary Faye’s for nearly 50 years, David McKee and Tim Sutton, two young people among many on whom he had great influence.

As noted at the funeral service, he would not have wanted any praise and adulation made about him, but rather just preaching the gospel. As noted earlier by his brother, Lynn always strived for a higher level whether in work, sports, education, or service to God. It is our considered judgment that he has now reached that higher level.