Making a Difference

By Connie W. Adams

It has been my privilege to preach in five gospel meetings at Kaysville, Utah, one of only two sound churches in that state. Joe Price has been there for several years and has done good work. Some, who were children the first time I was there, have grown up, married and have become capable teachers and workers for the Lord.

But every time I think of Kaysville, I think of the difference one good family can make. Years ago, Nelson and Sharon McNalley moved to Utah from Denver, Colorado where they had worshipped at Boston Street when Harry Pickup, Jr. preached there. While others have helped over the years, the greater burden of starting and sustaining the work at Kaysville (just north of Salt Lake City) fell on the shoulders of this young family. There they worked for a living, brought up four children, taught them the truth in that sea of Mormonism, entertained brethren in their home, and helped chart a course of soundness for the small church there. Nelson has preached, taught classes, led singing and the whole family has sacrificed much for the cause. Two of their children and their families are active members of the congregation. Another daughter and her husband are faithful workers in the church at Rogers, Arkansas. Through the years, Nelson has lost jobs, but found others. Some of the time Sharon has worked to help out. What a difference this good family has made. The growth of the church at Kaysville has been slow but it is growing in number and noticeably in spirit. Much of this is due to this good family who did not know what it means to give in or give up. May their godly tribe increase?

Guardian of Truth XXXVII: No 22, p. 3
November 18, 1993