Millennial Miscalculations: The Thousand Year Reign of Christ?

By Dudley Ross Spears

Premillennialists thrive on the alleged thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on earth. They tell us that Christ will come back to set up the kingdom of God on earth and sit on the throne of David in Jerusalem. They believe this takes place in time and is a prelude to eternity. But they are most vocal and blatant in affirming that the Bible mentions the 1000 year reign (Rev. 20:2-6). They claim that if we take the Bible literally there is no doubt that Christ will set up a millennial kingdom when He returns.

We will test the view of the millennialists on the reign of Christ. They themselves affirm that the kingdom Daniel spoke of in Daniel 7:13 is the kingdom Christ will set up when He returns. Hal Lindsey, the voice of the millennialists, wrote, “The `Ancient of days’ who is described here is identified in Daniel 7:13 as `one like the Son of Man’ brought on the clouds of heaven – the One who will put down all human authority and establish His kingdom forever” (Late Great Planet Earth, p. 81). Pray tell me how the kingdom Christ comes to establish will be “forever” and a “thousand years” at the same time? Who takes the Bible literally?

Guardian of Truth XXVII: 13, p. 402
July 7, 1983