Millions Then Living Are Now Dead!

By Thomas Bunting

In 1918 the Jehovah Witnesses preached and published a book, “Millions Now Living Will Never Die.” Ever since then they have, on several occasions, predicted the coming of Christ and the establishment of an earthly kingdom. The date from which their calculations were made was 1914.

I remember well that in conversation with Jehovah Witnesses, they told me that something big was to happen in 1967. That would have been fifty-three years since 1914, those millions living then were beginning to get old. If Jesus was to come in their life time, then time was getting short. Nothing happened in 1967!

The next prophecy I recall was 1975. That was sixty-one years after 1914. Infants in 1914 were then more than sixty years old in 1975, not to mention the age of the those who were adults in 1914. If Jesus was to come while those millions lived then it had to be very soon! Nothing happened in 1975 either!

Time was running out on those millions who were alive in 1914. There were fewer and fewer of them as time passed.

But it didn’t seem to discourage the Jehovah Witnesses, they continued to preach their false doctrine.

We have now come to the year 1996, eighty-two years since 1914! Everyone knows, including the Jehovah Witnesses, that there can’t be very many of those millions from 1914 left. Even those born that year are now over eighty if they are still alive. As we approach the year 2000 the millions then living are now dead, and the prophecies for the Jehovah Witnesses is proven false both by the Bible and by history!

Time has necessitated that they change their doctrine. There was an article, “Apocalypse Later,” in Newsweek magazine, December 1995 telling how they have now changed their teaching.

What Bible students knew all along, and Jehovah Witnesses denied, they have now been forced to admit  “no one knows when Christ will come.” They have been forced to abandon their doctrine about the coming of Christ be-cause time simply ran out on them. The millions living then are now dead!

Guardian of Truth XL: 7 p. 23
April 4, 1996