Miscellaneous Meditations

By Larry Ray Hafley

Funeral Service Postponed

The funeral for the body of “anti-ism” has been postponed-again. The corpse is most uncooperative. Every time a memorial service is announced, it blinks an eye or wiggles a big toe at a liberal mortician. The obituary columns in institutional papers are constantly embarrassed by a living subject. The pallbearers may die before they carry their subject to his “final resting place.” So, it is with but little surprise that we have heard muffled whispers about the death of “anti-ism” in Firm Foundation which is edited by Reuel Lemmons.

When Mark Twain read published accounts of his death, he wryly wrote that “the reports of my death have, been greatly exaggerated.” We are happy to say the same about the thing called “anti-ism.” Truth, like Mark Twain, cannot be slain with the wishful thinking jawbone of a typewriter.

Back To Basics

School systems all over the country are seeing the need to “get back to basics.” Student test scores have slipped and plummeted in the past few years. This has alarmed many. Are students today more dense? Hardly! Do they have less opportunity and / or inferior facilities? Certainly not! The solution is seen as simply getting back to the basic rudiments and elements of education.

Vince Lombardi, the legendary football coach, was asked for his secret formula for success in the intricate, complex game of pro football. He said the answer was simple. His teams stressed the fundamentals. They could block and tackle better than anyone else. Every high school coach in the country knows that, but Lombardi did not forget it.

Is there a lesson for the Christian, for the local congregation in the last two paragraphs? Think. You make the application.

Truth Magazine XXII: 17, pp. 282-283
April 27, 1978