Moon Is In Jail But The Moonies Are Not

By Vernon Love

“Rev. Moon” is in jail, but the Moonies are not! “Rev. Moon” was found guilty of not paying taxes on interest he received on a bank account in his name. Now he is in jail. The Moonies are still spreading their false doctrine through “love” and are as active as they have ever been, but they have a new way of getting their message to the people.

They claim that when Moon received millions to put in his own personal account to use for his work, and though he received interest on this money, that this was his own religious right and the government should not say a word. Two Moonies admitted to me that if “Rev. Moon” would have put the money in the bank in the name of The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, or the Unification Church, as it is commonly referred to, and wrote checks on the account, even allowed the account to draw interest, that he would not be in jail. Surely, “Rev. Moon” and all his accountants knew this, as this information is available to all. So, since his disciples knew this, it appears to me that “Rev. Moon” is in jail for a cause. It appears that he does not know the difference between the church and the individual, but I think he went to jail to further his cause.

So, they cry “denial of religious freedom!” Guess who comes to the rescue? Yep, denominational preachers by the thousands! They have formed the “Ad Hoc Committee For Religious Freedom.” This group has been meeting all over the U.S. telling the tale that Uncle Sara is infringing upon religious freedom, and they have brought in others who have gotten into trouble with the government. They met in Tampa and some of us went to hear all the speeches of how religion is doomed here in the U.S. This group is not sparing any expenses, as they go first class. We met in one of Tampa’s finest hotels, and then were fed a very nice lunch. All of this was free; paid for by “Rev. Moon” and his denominational cronies.

Then I received a letter from the “Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy,” which is another one of “Rev. Moon’s” groups. They are inviting the clergy to different resorts to hear what “Rev. Moon” teaches so you can get more insight into the Unification movement. Then they say all non-Unificationists will be allowed to reply. They took 200 clergy to the Bahamas; then they have plans to go to the Hilton Head Island Beach, later to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, then to Mobile, Alabama. They will pay your air fare or travel by car, put you in a very nice room, and let you stay three days with one guest. All free of course; you have to pay for your own liquor, and any other charges you might have. This is costing them a bundle, but they are not showing any signs of slowing down even though “Rev. Moon” is in jail.

The amazing thing to me is that until “Rev. Moon” got into tax trouble, most of the clergy of the U.S. would not be found dead near “Rev. Moon.” Now that they see the U.S. is investigating churches for non-religious activities, they are crying that this a violation of their religious freedom! There were forty different groups which filed briefs in behalf of Moon. The list is made up of the National Council of Churches, American Baptist Churches, Presbyterian Churches of U.S.A., African Methodist Episcopal Churches, Mormons, Catholics, and many non-religious groups and individuals. “Rev. Moon” was able to do with one c rime more than he was able to do as a free man, and his group keeps on growing. Would you believe that there was a black preacher from Texas, who said he was a member of the Church of Christ, who openly supported “Rev. Moon” at the “Ad Hoc Committee For Religious Freedom Rally” in Washington, D.C. held in May, 1984?

Where do they get all their money? They sell flowers, candy, pictures, and anything else they can on street comers all over the U.S. They own property worth millions, and they use their assets to make a profit so they can spread their “false doctrine.” Many of the Moonies are out on the street comers selling so they can make their own living and have time to teach that “Rev. Moon” has been sent to finish the work that Jesus Christ did not accomplish. These Moonies have the will, zeal, and money to go anywhere in the U.S., and no town is off limits. The next time you drive by a vendor on a street comer, you had better ask who he is, because chances are the vendor will be a Moonie. Remember, “Rev. Moon” is in jail, but the Moonies are not!

Guardian of Truth XXIX: 7, p. 213
April 4, 1985