Morality Continues to Decline

By Donald P Ames

Morals here in America have declined at an increasingly rapid pace during recent years, and little evidence is available to show any reason for optimism that such is going to slow down. Movies have become more and more vulgar, with emphasis on sex purely for the sake of a sex scene. Books continue to sink lower and lower in the mire, and now it has even become so commonplace, the President’s wife feels safe speaking out in favor of sexual experimentation outside of marriage, and calculates it will gain her more favor than disfavor, commenting that society has moved forward far enough “we ought to become more tolerant in our views” of such.

But while morality has continued to decline, God’s standards have not! The Word of God has not relaxed its position regarding the fact such is not to be tolerated (Heb. 13:4), and that those who practice such things shall not enter the kingdom of heaven (1 Cor. 6-9-10, Gal. 5:19-21). In view of such, we need to speak forth plainly and strongly that society may learn the dangers it is rushing headlong into.

The problem is growing, and pretending it does not exist is certainly no way to confront it. But how fast is it growing? According to a recent AP release in the Gary Post-Tribune, October 25, 1975, the problem is growing by leaps and bounds, and affecting younger and younger people every year. Dr. Gerry Oliva, medical director of the Planned Parent Federation, reports they are now receiving requests for birth control pills, etc. from children as young as 9 years old! “Agency counselors throughout the country are totally overwhelmed by these kids,” she said. Reporting on California alone, she noted the birth rate in girls 12 years old has jumped from 18 in 1966 to 32 in 1974-nearly a 100 per cent increase.

In Rockville, Maryland, a spokeswoman for the National Center for Health Statistics (a bureau of the Dept. of HEW) reports that of the 3,136,965 births in the U.S. in 1973, there were 12,861 births to girls under 15 years of age. Of that total, 11,412 were first births, 276 were second births, 15 were third births, and 8 were fourth births! There were also 1,150 births for which the center did not know the birth order.

Certainly this points to a growing trend that is alarming. It shows a lack of concern on parents’ part, and a rapidly loosing of morals on the young peoples’ part. It also reveals a great need for more lessons on pre-marital sex and situations that lead to such, as well as refutation of the “new morality.” It shows a need for lessons directed to those involved-both young and parents! We also need to emphasize that getting married “to cover up” such is not making it any more pleasing in God’s eyes, nor can such be justified on the basis “I had to be popular.” Sin is sin, and needs to be exposed as sin-not “great sins” and “little sins,” but just plain sin.

But to add to the problem, the National Organization for Women (NOW) has finally decided to show their true colors, and join efforts with those seeking to justify homosexuals and lesbians. Strong promoters for the falsely so-called “Equal Rights Amendment,” they have frequently been accused of this goal from the start, only to claim we did not truly represent them. But in a recent four-day conference in Philadelphia, the members of NOW gave their organization a “mandate” to work for lesbians’ rights. “Another successful resolution increased funding of NOW’s Task Force on Sexuality and Lesbianism, and for the first time the organization spoke out in support of homosexual rights” (Gary PostTribune, October 28, 1975; emp. mine-DPA).

Dismissing the opposition as minor “philosophical” differences, “Ms. Decrew” (liberal president of NOW) said such differences “would be eased by moving on with planned programs.” And what does that include? She went on, “Our proposals have opened the way for new women to join the organization who might have felt uncomfortable before-poor women, gay women, minority women” (emp. mine-DPA). Of course nothing was said of those who might be “uncomfortable” to stay in an organization seeking to justify and support these lesbians. No wonder the differences would “be eased”-if they did not like the “packing the conference” with lesbians and homosexuals, they could get out! (Of course that has been the ultimate conclusion they have been after all along, and the results of their goal to get the ERA passed).

Certainly this action, combined with the favorable news coverage being given homosexuals and other “gay” people of today is not going to make our task any easier. We are going to have to begin to speak out and to be heard. America is fast going down the road of moral decay and will become the same kind of stench in the Lord’s nostrils the Jews were when God said, “Were they ashamed because of the abominations they have done? They were not even ashamed at all; They did not even know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; At the time that I punish them, They shall be cast down” (Jer. 6:15).

America needs to wake up! But even more important, we as Christians need to also wake up and lift up our voices against such before the tide becomes so strong it can no longer be swept back. Sex is good and acceptable where God put it-in the marriage relationship! But misuses and perversions of it as practiced by many today is not what God planned, and will result in the fall of this nation and souls lost in eternal damnation. And the latter should be of concern to us all!

Truth Magazine, XX:3, p. 11
January 15, 1976