More Homosexuals getting into the Ministry

By Donald P. Ames

Anyone familiar with the so-called “Gay” movement of homosexuals is also aware of the fact they are busy seeking social acceptability. This is being done now by a show of strength to try and play upon the American disposition of toleration, “live-and-let-live.” It is also being sought by seeking inroads into various denominations as ministers (after all, aren’t ministers supposed to be “good” people?).

According to the Gary Post-Tribune (7-5-77), the United Church of Christ denomination is now moving toward “denomination-wide” approval of homosexuals as ministers also. The way was prepared by the adoption of a resolution of “Human Sexuality” which stated: “For males and females, heterosexuals and homosexuals” that “concern for another, not just rigid rules, determines morality.”

I wonder where they found that in the word of God? If such be so, then why did God decide to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 13, Jude 7) for “going after strange flesh”? After all, as -long as they had “concern for another” that was all that was necessary? While it is true there is to be concern for one another, the Bible also affirms “fornicators (which includes homosexuals-DPA) and adulterers God will judge” (Heb. 13:4; see also 1 Cor. 6:9-10).

The attitude manifested by this denomination is just another way of saying that they intend to do what they desire (even to the overlooking of sins of perversion) regardless of what the word of God has to say. Such an attitude is an open mockery of the Bible!

But the same article went on to say that “the 1.8 million member denomination authorized the start of talks to explore the possibility of merger with the 1.4million member Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).” At one time years ago, this latter group stood for the truth. I wonder if they have gone so far as to also swallow this total lack of morality and respect for God’s teaching and teachers? Will they unite with the United Church of Christ denomination-false doctrine, homosexuals, and all?

There is another interesting side-light to this latter point as well. “Dr.” Leroy Garrett has been busy pushing the doctrine of an “all-inclusive” fellowship for both Churches of Christ and Christian Churches (including the Premillennialists, the ultra-liberal Disciples of Christ, and Baptists and others as “brethren in prospect”). I am now wondering if his “arms of fellowship” will open wide enough to also include all the United Church of Christ as well? Will he also accept the homosexuals, despite what the word of God has to say? Oh, what problems men create when they decide to abandon the word of God to follow their own ways!

Truth Magazine XXII: 34, p. 554
August 31, 1978