More on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

By Steve Willis

In a previous article I had a few ideas prompted by the ABC TV show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” I hope you read it. In this I was thinking about some of the questions on that show and wondered how far we might go if all were Bible-related questions. I’ll use dollar amounts only to indicate possible difficulty, but no money prize is given (and beware of greed). However, what you know and what you do with what you know may affect the “prize” you receive from the Father in Heaven (see 1 Cor. 9:24-27). Do them as best you can from memory and in as short a period of time as possible. You can have one each of these three “life lines”: (1) check your Bible; (2) ask a friend in the family; (3) ask someone who attends where you do! They must answer from memory, and not look it up. NOTE: I used the NASB to prepare these questions. “Walk away” when you must, but at least try the other questions. How much did you “win”?

$100: Where in the Bible do you read of the life of Jesus: A. The Book of Jesus, B. The Gospels, C. Genesis, D. Galatians?

$200: Who was betrothed to Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus: A. Elizabeth, B. Salome, C. Mary, D. Tabitha?

$300: Which is NOT a reference to the Apostle Peter: A: Barjona, B. Cephas, C. Simon, D. Barnabas? 

$500: Complete the following, which was thought by others to identify Jesus, “Some say John the Baptist; some Elijah, and others, Jeremiah or . . .” A. “one of the best,” B. “one of one,” C. “one of the prophets,” D. “one of the two”?

$1,000: Which is NOT a son of Adam and Eve: A. Enosh, B. Abel, C. Cain, D. Seth? 

$2,000: From the “Beatitudes” in the Sermon on the Mount, who “shall see God”: A. the poor in spirit, B. the peacemakers, C. the pure in heart, D. those who mourn?

$4,000: The name “Jesus” means: A. Jehovah listens, B. Jehovah is God, C. Jehovah provides, D. Jehovah saves?

$8,000: Which book does NOT have “beginning” in its first verse: A. Mark, B. John, C. Luke, D. 1 John?

$16,000: Which is among the seven things of which Paul wrote “there is one” in one of his epistles: A. Bible, B. Lord’s Day, C. peace, D. baptism. 

$32,000: Who is “our Passover”: A. Christ, B. Moses, C. David, D. Aaron. 

$64,000: Complete the following idea from Proverbs: A father who “spares the rod” from his son: A. hates him, B. loves him, C. does not care for him, D. has no son?

$125,000: Which is NOT listed as among the “fruit of the Spirit”: A. godliness, B. goodness, C. gentleness, D. faithfulness.

$250,000: In the Bible, which expression describes Jesus: A. the lily of the valley, B. the bright and morning star, C. the fairest of 10,000, D. heaven’s best.

$500,000: “Melchizedek” means: A. “father of a multitude,” B. “king of Salem,” C. “king of righteousness,” D. “milk and honey”?

$1,000,000: Complete: “Little children, guard yourself from”: A. “idols,” B. “the Devil,” C. “Hell,” D. “sin”?

Answers: “Millionaire”
$100 — B
$200 — C
$300 — D
$500 — C
$1000 — A
$2000 — C
$4000 — D
$8000 — C
$16,000 — D
$32,000 — A
$64,000 — A
$125,000 — A
$250,000 — B
$500,000 — C
$1,000,000 — A

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Truth Magazine Vol. XLIV: 7 p23  April 6, 2000