Moving, But Not Far

By Connie W. Adams

After living for 27 years in the same house at Brooks, Kentucky, we moved to 9601 River Birch Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40291. Our mailing address is given at the bottom of the article. No mail will be received at the residence. As of now, we ask all correspondents to take note of this change.

Since we have not moved for so many years, I had forgotten how much fun it is! We have been going through the turmoil of selling a house, watching the new place as it nears completion, yard sales to dispose of unneeded things, furniture sales to downsize, red tape, estimates for various things and you name it. All of this has been in motion while trying to maintain our meeting schedule and have enough sense left to actually say something that is intelligible. Some things have had to wait, including some of my good intentions about writing articles for this paper.

Such a move evokes mixed emotions. We are nostalgic about leaving this place which has been home for so long. Precious memories surround this house and yard. We saw it rise from the ground. We have enjoyed its warmth and comfort and safety. Here children and grandchildren have played, laughter has echoed and anguished hearts have shared sorrow. From this house Searching the Scriptures was published for 20 years. I have worked at my desk (where I now sit composing this notice) from the window of which I have watched the changing of many seasons.

The Lord has been gracious to us. We have been privileged to work among the best people on earth and have been sufficiently supported to carry out the task. But time takes its toll. We have maintained a heavy meeting schedule for the last 25 years, devoting our time almost entirely to that. We have worked around deadlines. Yard work has been done. For a few years now we have hired a young man to do this work, but it gets harder to keep someone who will do it right and whom we can afford to pay. A two-story house with full basement has become more of a chore for Bobby to maintain than is reasonable. So, the answer seemed clear to us. If we are to continue in the work we love and honor the commitments we have made, something had to change. So, we have decided to move to a community of patio homes where a modest monthly fee will cover yard work, including grass mowing, snow removal and all exterior maintenance on the property, plus trash pickup. We will have three bedrooms, one of which I will be using as a study. It is under the same roof as another house, but the two are separated by two double car garages which provides a nice buffer. We will have everything on one floor. It will be easier for us to lock it up and go to wherever we need to go for our work without having to be concerned about things which burden us now. I would not say we are preparing to grow old but we are trying to equip ourselves  to maintain our own independence longer. This concept seems to appeal to our children, though the grandchildren are not very happy about this decision.

We moved 14 miles from Brooks. We are the same distance from Manslick Road that we were at Brooks. We are two miles south of Gene Snyder Freeway off of Old Bardstown Road.

From this location we plan to stay busy as long as we are able in sowing the seed of the kingdom and watering what others have already planted. Come to see us, if you can catch us home.

P.O. Box 91346, Fern Creek, Kentucky 40291

Truth Magazine Vol. XLV: 2  p3  January 18, 2001