My Apology To Colly Caldwell

Donnie V. Rader

The following is an e-mail note that I sent to Colly Caldwell on June 18, 2001.

Dear Colly,

It has come to my attention that in the June 7 issue of Truth Magazine I misapplied a quote from your article.

In my article (A Response To Brother Caldwell, page 336) I quote your statement, "Such would have been inappropriate in this setting and would not have been allowed" and applied it to the reason you would not let me respond to brother Owen. Actually, you were referring to the reason you would not have allowed brother Owen to respond to the scriptural arguments I made.

This was not an intentional error. When writing my response I went back to your article to see the exact wording for why you would not allow me to reply to brother Owen. I remembered your article giving a reason for that. I was looking for the statement in your third paragraph which said, "I did not allow rebuttal in this situation because of the time constraints and demands of the program." However, when looking for your reason, I lifted the wrong line, thinking at the moment that I was using it correctly.

Please accept my apology for this. I did not intentionally misrepresent you. I will post a note on our web site tomorrow ( Mike Willis is in a meeting in Texas. I have not been able to reach him. I hope to do so tomorrow. I will talk with him about posting such a note in the magazine if he will allow it. I want to do all I can to be fair about the matter.

Please let me know that you received this apology.