My Preacher

By Glendol McClure

If the brethren go to snoring,
My preacher’s sermons;
They’re just too boring!

If a sick brother needs a visit,
I’ll call my preacher;
It’s his job, isn’t it?

When there are souls we need to seek,
I’ll call my preacher,
Don’t you know I have to work all week!

If the church is not a growing,
Don’t blame the brethren;
My preacher needs to pack and be going.

If there’s a need for a Bible class teacher,
Get with my preacher;
He’s the one we hired to do the teaching!

If some of the brethren go to blows;
Don’t blame me;
My preacher stepped on their toes.

When with the bills we get behind,
Just cut my preacher’s pay,
I’m sure he won’t mind.

And when there’s work or cause for blame,
Go see my preacher;
Don’t bring up my name!

From all of this it’s plain to see,
The brethren hired my preacher,
Just for me!