Needed: Articles on First Principles

By Larry Ray Hafley

Truth Magazine needs some articles on “first principles.” This became acutely apparent when the editor went through over a thousand pages of manuscripts just to come up with enough articles for one issue devoted to non-Christians. Editor Willis said he has dozens of articles from some writers; however, not a one of them has anything that would instruct a sinner what to do to be saved. In all the articles in the files for publication, not one could be found that would inform the Gentiles about the nature of the church. This indicates a need, a great need.

A Family Paper

Yes, Truth Magazine is a family paper. It is a family paper for families that are Christians. It does not pretend to be a paper for “outsiders.” We do not intend to give the paper any kind of special “family” appeal or thrust. It already has that. It appeals to families that are Christians because it deals with problems and issues that interest most Christians. We have no intention of making a “first principles” journal out of Truth Magazine. This is not a veiled slur at those that are so designed. There are several good papers whose avowed purpose is to reach and teach the lost what to do to be saved. That is good. That is as it should be. We do not criticize such efforts. We commend them. By the same token, we do not condemn the papers designed to inform the sinner because they do not carry articles about issues of contention among brethren. That is not their purpose, so they should not do so as a general rule. Likewise, it is not our policy to publish a paper for the man of the world. For this reason, we do not have many articles which show the plan of salvation. Now, though, we need a few such articles occasionally. These do not indicate a desire to alter the course of the paper, but rather to give it the balance that it must have. Special issues may be devoted to basic teachings in the future. To accomplish this, we need good, well-written articles on the fundamentals of becoming a Christian, the nature of the church, and related topics.

Let none of our trembling sisters among the brethren get their hopes up. We are not about to let our heel lighten up on the neck of error and errorists. Innovationists and institutionalists should not breathe a sigh of relief on our account. We shall continue to prosecute and persecute sin and sinners both in and out of the faith, the Lord willing. We simply desire to have a few more articles on hand which will be useful in informing the, lost on their duty and destiny. If this is “mellowing” or going “soft,” then we shall just have to face the fact that teaching the lost is only for the sweet, mellow softies.

Send the requested articles to Cecil Willis, 4867 N. 300 E., Marion, Indiana 46952. And, thanks.

Truth Magazine, XVIII:37, p. 2
July 25, 1974