Non-Profit Publisher

Did you know the publisher of Truth Magazine is a non-profit organization? Guardian of Truth Foundation is in the “business” of publishing quality Bible-study materials. Being a non-profit, though, means the profits are put back into the business. Any money left over after meeting our expenses is reinvested into publishing more materials. We have expenses such as printing, salaries, building rent, advertising, and more. There are no board member salaries and no dividends to stockholders.

The sale of our publications helps to ensure funds for future materials. In other words, whenever you buy one of our workbooks, commentaries, or the new hymnal*, you aid current and future projects—you help support the continued availability of sound Bible-study materials for the next generation.

Traditionally the materials have been print, but we are now branching out into the electronic realm. For instance, our flagship publication, Truth Magazine, is available in Kindle format and on the website as a PDF download. Plans are to put all Truth Commentary books into digital format as well. This will take some time, but it is in the works.

Consider this…

With our Truth Commentaries our aim is to provide a biblically sound commentary set written by brethren that will bless Christians for three, four, or more generations. Think of the Pulpit Commentaries that many brethren have on their shelf now. These have been around for over 100 years. We hope Truth Commentaries are around for that long and longer.

Further, the new hymnal, Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, will be used by brethren for decades, God willing. This hymnal is fundamentally different from others in several ways. It has five editors. Scores of brethren gave their input for what songs should be included. The hymnal also utilizes Phrased Notation. This means the layout is driven by the phrases of the song, not the size of the page. It avoids line breaks in the middle of a thought. Hence, you complete a phrase with each line, avoiding the all-too-common disruption of jumping to the next line.

*As noted above, we have a new hymnal due out in June and available exclusively from CEI Bookstore.