October 06, 2005 Contents

Title Author Page
Godly Families in the Local Church Who Get Involved Together Chris Reeves front page
Troubled Over Death Connie W. Adams 3
Will Sinners Be Reduced To Non-existence? John Isaac Edwards 5
Sodom and Gomorrah . . . Out of the Ashes Jesse Flower 6
Heaven’s Choice or Hell’s Work? Bobby L. Graham 7
Baptism in Second Century Writings Kyle Pope 9
Have You Been Converted? Russell H. Dunaway, Jr. 10
Remember Your Creator — David Steven F. Deaton 14
Salvation By Grace Norman E. Fultz 15
The Unfolding of God’s Plan Bob Waldron 16
Unwholesome Speech Frank Himmel 20
I Want To Sow Some Wild Oats Donald P. Ames 21
What Is Truly Precious To You? Bart Campbell 23
Potato Chips and Cotton Candy Larry Ray Hafley 27