“Only From The Mind of Minolta”

By Larry Ray Hafley

Perhaps you have seen the ad on television which exalts the advantages of having a Minolta camera. The major emphasis of the commercial is that the camera focuses almost instantly. Hence, you do not miss some great photo opportunities. The ad says, “Only the human eye focuses faster.” Let us focus on that statement and see what develops.

The Minolta camera is the result of years of scientific research. Thousands of hours of tedious labor have gone into the planning and design of the camera. Millions of dollars have been expended in order to produce and advertize the product. Every thinking person knows that Minolta’s ingenious equipment is not the result of an explosion in a photography studio. Living, intelligent creators spent time and energy to present their handiwork to the consumer. Are we to believe that the camera is the result of intelligent creative powers but that the human eye (which even Minolta admits focuses faster) is merely the accidental leftover of blind, fortuitous chance? If so, I suppose that a jumbo jet liner is the result of a tornado that swept over a junk yard. I shudder to picture a person who would pose that solution.

The ad for the camera ends with the caption – “Only from the mind of Minolta.” In a flash, one recognizes that a camera has to be the result of mind, of intelligence. Is it any less true of the human eye? To paraphrase, the human eye is “only from the mind of God.” Only one who is groping about in the dark room of the devil could fail to see the true picture we have tried to develop. I trust that you are not negative toward what has been said.

Guardian of Truth XXXII: 4, p. 107
February 18, 1988