Open Door in Lithuania: Who Will Help?

By Harry Osborne

At this writing, an intensive effort to preach the gospel in Lithuania is under way. On April 29, Steve Wallace, Kieran Murphy and Harry Osborne went to Vilnius with intentions to help establish a faithful congregation in that city. A good start has been made towards that end, but help is urgently needed to continue these efforts. After working in Vilnius for one month, Harry Osborne has returned and reports that Steve Wallace and Derek Chambers are remaining in the work for two more weeks. However, when these brethren leave in mid-June, no one has committed to follow up in this field.

Much of the logistical arrangements necessary have already been made. Housing has been located which will cost only $20 to $30 a month. A centrally located place to have Bible lectures and a question-answer session has been rented for $10 a week. A printer has been contracted who will print 2,000 two-sided copies for $15. Literature in Russian and Lithuanian (the two languages used) has been translated on a variety of subjects and print ready copies are available for reproduction. Additional material is being proofread and made print ready at this time. A number of very good interpreters into both Lithuanian and Russian have been located. In short, the fields are white unto harvest, but laborers are desperately needed. Can you help for a month, two months or even longer? It is not an easy place to live, but it has many people who desire to hear the simple truth of the gospel. Brother Wallace who lives in Germany could return to Vilnius for a short time with anyone interested in the work in order to help with the transition. If you could help, please contact Harry Osborne at 713-331-9305 (home) or 713-331-4953 (office). Brother Osborne can give further details to those interested and will publish an extended report regarding the efforts in Vilnius.

Guardian of Truth XXXVI: 13, p. 393
July 2, 1992