December 15, 2005 Contents

Title Author Page
Paul’s Dying Words Lewis Willis front page
Child or Childrern? Mike Willis 2
A Little Soul Winner For Jesus Geddes Ray Smith 3
Jewish Feasts and Festivals (2) Kyle Campbell 5
Why We Are Not Converting the World Donnie V. Rader 7
Qualifications of the Apostles of Christ Joe R. Price 9
In A Sound Church, But Yet Without A Clue! Dennis L. Reed 11
Did These Really Happen? Johnie Edwards 13
The Sunday Evening Lord’s Supper: Second Chance or Mere Convenience? Phil T. Arnold 14
What Would Jesus Really Do? David Dann 15
Girls Pushing For Modest Fashion Options Steve Wallace 17

November 03, 2005 Contents

Title Author Page
An Evening With Joel Osteen John Samuel Gurtler front page
In All Things, Love Mike Willis 2
Troubled Over Divorce Connie W. Adams 3
Solomon Steven F. Deaton 5
When the Levees Break Mark Mayberry 6
Proper Clothing Charles Willis 7
Lessons in Times of Disaster Marc W. Gibson 8
Is There a Need For Authority? Matt Nevins 11
The Cost of Discipleship Jeremy Sweets 14
Faith Comes By Hearing Terry Sanders 16
“I Am the Lord, I Do Not Change” Wayne S. Walker 17
Reasons Why the Catholic Doctrine of Transubstantiation is False! Glendol McClure 19
Paying Respect to the Dead Joe R. Price 21

October 06, 2005 Contents

Title Author Page
Godly Families in the Local Church Who Get Involved Together Chris Reeves front page
Troubled Over Death Connie W. Adams 3
Will Sinners Be Reduced To Non-existence? John Isaac Edwards 5
Sodom and Gomorrah . . . Out of the Ashes Jesse Flower 6
Heaven’s Choice or Hell’s Work? Bobby L. Graham 7
Baptism in Second Century Writings Kyle Pope 9
Have You Been Converted? Russell H. Dunaway, Jr. 10
Remember Your Creator — David Steven F. Deaton 14
Salvation By Grace Norman E. Fultz 15
The Unfolding of God’s Plan Bob Waldron 16
Unwholesome Speech Frank Himmel 20
I Want To Sow Some Wild Oats Donald P. Ames 21
What Is Truly Precious To You? Bart Campbell 23
Potato Chips and Cotton Candy Larry Ray Hafley 27