Truth Magazine October 2021

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EDITORIAL: A God-Centered Life, by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: Does God Approve Loving Committed Homosexual Relationships?, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: Take Time to Be Holy, by Sherelyn Mayberry

PREACHING THE GOSPEL: Preaching as a Young Man, by John Humphries

PRINCIPLES OF PRAISE: Examples of Devotion, by Matthew Bassford

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: “Is it scriptural for a congregation to assemble in the parking lot?” by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: You Just Need to Be There, by Barry Britnell

MONTHLY THEME: God-Centered Education

God-Centered Education, by Kevin Maxey

Finding God in Science, by Joshua Gurtler

Finding God in Music, by Matthew Bassford

Finding God in Language, by Jennifer Maxey

Finding God in History, by Steve Wolfgang

Finding God in Mathematics, by Anonymous


Truth Magazine September 2021


EDITORIAL: I Am the Vine, by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: Christians in the World, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: Running the Race Unencumbered, by Lindsay Mast

CHALLENGES FACING CHRISTIANS: The Progressive Movement: Progressivism and the Bible, by Kyle Pope

PRINCIPLES OF PRAISE: The Need for Devotion, by Matthew Bassford

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: A reader asks, “Does 2 Samuel 7:14 refer to Jesus Christ or Solomon?”, by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Inscription of Biblical Name Unearthed in Israel, by Luke Chandler

THEME: Open Issue

Faith and ALS, by Matthew Bassford

Are We Filled with the Spirit?, by Howard Whittlesey

A Special Messenger Sent by God, by Shane Carrington

Leaders Are Teachers, by Keith Hamilton

“The Process” and the Christian’s Journey, by Dennis Abernathy

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Truth Magazine August 2021



Editorial: Paul’s Charge to Timothy

by Mark Mayberry

Synopsis: In considering the apostolic injunction to “Preach the Word,” let us reflect upon the character and conviction of one who proclaims the gospel message.

Meditations: Choosing Barabbas over Jesus

by Kyle Pope

Synopsis: The sad decision, by those present at the sentencing of Jesus, to choose a robber and insurrectionist over God in the flesh, unfortunately is oft repeated in the daily choices that individuals make today in choosing sin over the Savior.

Women’s Insights: Why Do Families Homeschool?

by Diana Dow

Synopsis: Parents have been given the responsibility of teaching their children. Much thought and prayer is required for them to make the best educational choices for their family.

Challenges: Progressivism in Entertainment

by Bruce Reeves

Synopsis: In considering the impact that the progressive movement has upon entertainment, let us realize that, ultimately, the battle is over the position Jesus Christ will occupy in our lives.

Praise: Examples of Mindfulness

by Matthew Bassford

Synopsis: Our worship must reveal thoughtfulness in the way we choose to worship, how we prepare for worship, and in the content of what we say.

Questions and Answers

Synopsis: Should someone attend with folks who teach error in order to teach them?

Archaeology: Jericho

by Trent and Rebekah Dutton

Synopsis: Jericho is one site you must visit while in Israel. It is critical to the Old Testament narrative and a prime location from which to view the Jordan Valley.

Monthly Theme: Preach the Word!

Article 1: The Power of the Word

by Steven Deaton

Synopsis: We must “preach the word” because the gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s power unto salvation. Doing anything else represents a failure to keep the divine charge.

Article 2: In Season and Out of Season

by Shane Carrington

Synopsis: As Jesus prepared Himself (both before and during His public ministry), preachers and teachers today must diligently do the same.

Article 3: Reproving and Rebuking

by Steve Reeves

Synopsis: The work of an evangelist requires courage to confront and rebuke error. He must also patiently use the word of God to reprove and convince the sinner of his need to repent and obey the Lord.

Article 4: The Need for Exhortation

by David McClister

Synopsis: Exhortation is strong encouragement to obey the gospel and be faithful to its inspired message.

Article 5: Preaching with Great Patience

by David Halbrook

Synopsis: Preaching requires patience, which refers to the state of remaining tranquil while awaiting an outcome or being able to bear up under provocation (BDAG).

Article 6: The Importance of Instruction

by Nathan L Morrison

Synopsis: A significant part of preaching involves offering instruction in righteousness. If sinners and saints are to know what they must do to please God, we must properly emphasize biblical instruction.

Truth Magazine July 2021

Editorial: The Work of Shepherds

by Phillip E. Stuckey

This special edition of Truth Magazine examines various areas of the work of elders and offers practical guidance on how they care for members of the local church. Thanks to Phillip Stuckey for selecting this theme and these writers.

Meditations: What Does Heb. 10:25 Teach?

by Kyle Pope

Historically, brethren have understood that Hebrews 10:25 emphasized the need to assemble faithfully with local congregations. Proponents of the AD 70 Doctrine seek to redefine and reinterpret this text. What is the biblical truth?

Womens_Insights: Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer

by Sherelyn Mayberry

Gospel hymns possess the power to express our deepest spiritual longings. Drawing on tempestuous imagery, this song exhorts us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, who will see us safely through the storm and lead us to heaven’s shores.

Challenges: Progressivism in Modern Religion

by Daniel H. King, Sr.

We live in a perverse era in which absurdities are exalted as absolutes, and lunacy has become law. Paul’s pronouncement, “Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools!” has never been more applicable.

Praise: Mindfulness

by Matthew Bassford

The Oxford Dictionary defines “mindfulness” as “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something,” or “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment.” What implications does this concept have on our worship?

QnA: What Is the Meaning of Luke 3:4-6?

by Bobby L. Graham

Archaeology: Paul’s Walk to Assos

By Leon Mauldin

After preaching all night, not to mention raising Eutychus from the dead, Paul went “on foot” from Troas to Assos, while his companions sailed to meet him there (Acts 20:13, NIV). Our article gives the setting for the narrative.

Monthly Theme: The Work of Shepherds

Article 1: Working with One Another

by Jim Deason

Communication within an eldership is like blood to the body—it brings life. It reduces stress and increases energy. It provides for a stronger immune system and results in faster healing.

Article 2: Working with the Deacons

by Bruce Reeves

The Bible teaches that serving as a deacon among God’s people is a rewarding and honorable work. Elders are uniquely positioned to help such men perform to the peak of their ability and grow in their spiritual service.

Article 3: Working with the Saints

by Gary Watt

The work of shepherds with the saints is a critical component of a productive church (Heb. 13:7). The shepherds’ primary priority is identifying and meeting the spiritual needs of their saints.

Article 4: Working with the Evangelist

by Sherrel Mercer

Divine principles govern the interaction between shepherds and an evangelist. If we respect one another and fulfil our mutual roles in the local congregations, God will be glorified and the brethren will be blessed.

Article 5: Working with the Weak

by Max Dawson

What can shepherds do to hold on to weak sheep and help them grow? A lot! Instead of being cynical about weak brethren, let us manifest the loving concern that David evidenced toward the flock of Jesse and his heavenly Father.

Article 6: Working with the Wayward

by Donnie V. Rader

Elders must use wisdom as they lead the congregation in trying to bring the wayward back home to God. When such efforts are unsuccessful, may local shepherds fulfill the difficult duty of exercising discipline properly and productively.