Philippine Report

By Wallace H. Little


The work in the Philippine Islands has been especially heartening with a large harvest of souls as indicated by this sampling of my correspondence since my last report. On Mindanao, Virgilio Villaneuva reported two baptisms in Lambayong and Linghanan Sendil seven by Disocoro G. Miparanum in Zamboanaga del sur. Sendil himself converted four including an eighty-three year old woman who strongly desires to serve Christ in the time she has left. Also from the same province, Rufo Samodal reported six baptisms. In still another part of that area, Antonio Gunot wrote of fifteen baptized in a gospel meeting in which a number of preachers participated. Wilfredo Samodal told of a conversion by Brother Jimenez. Philip Gon of Luanan sent a picture of some being baptized in a river, showing several standing on the shore, dripping, several more standing in the river, waiting, and one being immersed. Virgilio Galarn in Tacurong, Cotabato and Felix Abero in the northern port of this province reported on and two baptized respectively.

On the island of Palawan, Alfredo Agbisit wrote of two baptized in Narra, and Jose Ganan reported three in Bongabon, Oriental Mindoro. On the island of Luzon, Noli Villamor baptized five in Quezon, and Carlos Valenzuela another in Olongapo, the city just outside the United States Naval Base at Subic Bay. Sinforoso Pinote baptized one in Quezon City and Victorio Tibayan three in a meeting at Dian, Manila. Antonio Magbanua summarized his work in 1971 citing seventeen baptized while Castorio Gamit for the same year listed eighteen in Angeles City, just outside the United States Air Force Clark Air Base. I was stationed there from July, 1966 through July, 1968 and know well the conditions under which Brother Gamit labors. His results are spectacular.


Castorio Gamit also wrote of six restorations in Angeles City in 1971 and his brother in the flesh, David, in Nueva EciJa reported one in early 1972. Sinforoso Pinote in Quezon City mentioned two liberal preachers restored. They ceased worshipping with apostate churches and renounced their support from liberal U. S. churches saying they did not want to be guilty under 2 John 9-11. Out of his own support, one of these is being assisted by Julian C. Felix of Tarlac, Moncada. Linghanan Sendil wrote of another liberal preacher leaving his error because of the Smith-Lacuata debate in 1971 and that harvest is not yet over. Brother Smith has, or is planning to send several hundred printed copies of this debate to brethren there. A number will switch their allegiance to the truth. Manuel Villaneuva in Manila wrote of seven, including two former liberal preachers, returning to their first love.

Truth and Courage

Brother Julian C. Felix wrote, . ..In Quezon City the PBC (branch) which was organized by Brother Gunselman is also getting weaker. There are orgy two (2) boys and several girls who are studying. But most of these are utilizing the school as dormitory for they are studying at the nearby secular colleges and university, hence they are taking advantage of the opportunity. . . .” Our institutionally-minded brethren have touted “Christian Colleges” as the way of spreading the gospel overseas by training native preachers. Question: is the PBC going to endorse “Womens Lib” by using female preachers?

The Philippine Bible College is in trouble. A number of its students and graduates, learning the truth, have deserted. Ken Wilkie, the president, published a plea for money to paint the buildings (judging form accompanying photo, they needed it, too). Moreover, there are faithful saints in the PBCs home town of Baguio under the very nose of the school. To the lovers of that idol, this must be a source of public shame.

Bob Buchanan, a one time member of the PBC staff and now at ACC, is a moral coward. Months ago I mailed him sixteen propositions for debate, that lie might have opportunity to defend the PBC. Cecil Willis and Connie Adams as well as I are willing to meet him in a fair debate on these. He is not even man enough to reply. These are the same propositions I sent him registered, on March 25, 1967 while we were both still in that nation. He gave them the same attention on both occasions-none! It is

characteristic of those in error and who know the Bible does not support their practices, to avoid a public confrontation with truth, especially when this might lead some of their sheep out of their error. In this contest for souls, error has never limited itself to ethical means. Bob Buchanan exactly fits this pattern of cowardice. Nor is he alone in this.

Philippine Preaching Trip

By the time you read this, brethren James P. Needham and Dudley R. Spears will be in the Philippines. I anticipate considerable good from this. Much of their teaching will be aimed at upgrading the capability of young and inexperienced preachers which should prove particularly fruitful in the years to come. They will report their trip in detail after their return to the U. S.

For the past several years, faithful Christians there have asked that several American preachers visit that nation yearly. They want our exhortation, fellowship in spreading Gods Word and to maintain the contact with conservative churches. In 1970 Roy E. Cogdill and Cecil Willis made the trip. Last year it was I Connie W. Adams and J. T. Smith. This year Dudley R. Spears and James P. Needham continue the effort. God willing, Frank Butler and I will make the trip in 1973 and Earl Robertson and Larry Hafley in 1974. These last two groups will need considerable financial assistance. The estimated expenses are $2500. 00 per man, most of which will go for the airline fare to and from, and air travel within that country. We solicit the help of churches and individuals. Please contact us.

Final Note

Especially gratifying to me is the progress in locating support for faithful native preachers. While there, I knew of only three who had support from the United States. Today there are more than sixty. Due to the extremely poor economy of that nation, the churches there are incapable of supporting their preachers. Outside help is necessary. For the same reason, it is virtually impossible for men to support themselves while preaching. As fine as it is to have this number supported, yet there are at least that many more still needing fellowship in this if the full potential of the Philippines is to be realized for the Lord. My experience indicates the Philippine Republic is one of the most fruitful places on the earth today in bringing souls to Christ. While the opportunity lasts, let me hear from you on this. I have detailed information on these men and will put you in contact with them.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XVI: 28, pp. 5-7
May 18, 1972