Pluralism in the USA

By Louis J. Sharp

Pluralism seems to be the accepted standard of our nation, except for Christians! In this rejection of Christians, we may detect another step our nation has taken in the direction of ancient Rome. Long ago, barriers were crossed with reference to high taxation, rampant divorce, and unrestrained immorality. All these things contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Pluralism is: ” 1. The quality or condition of being plural, or of existing in more than one part or form. . . 3. (a) the existence within a nation or society of groups distinctive in ethnic origin, cultural patterns, religions, or the like (b) a policy favoring the preservation of such groups within a given nation or society” (Webster’s New World Dictionary, 1986; p. 1097).

In a mixed society, such as we live in, pluralism is an important element within the framework of that society. Yet, as stated in Perspective (Vol. XL, Number 15, July 20, 1988):

“In the name of ‘pluralism’ -pluralism is being destroyed! In its essence, pluralism suggests diversity as a reality. It is the acceptance of diversity – tolerance of and respect for those who differ. Authentic pluralism honors distinctions. It does not try to eliminate them! Contemporary pluralism is tolerant of everything . . . except Jesus Christ! In the name of pluralism, followers of Christ are expected to show tolerance and respect for those of different persuasion. And they should! Not to do so contradicts their faith. Contrarily – in the name of pluralism, they are expected to refrain from references to Jesus Christ in public gatherings, as for example – in public prayer. Their prayer is to be ‘ecumenical’ . . . which simply means they are forbidden to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Interesting that in the name of pluralism, the one exception, the one exclusion is the name of Jesus Christ. Required even by many who profess to be ‘Christian.'”

This is both an interesting and frightening statement. Yet, the words of the author appear to be very accurate. It is the Christian religion, and only the Christian religion, that is singled out for rejection. Judaism continues unshackled. Even Islam and other eastern religions are not confronted with the vicious attacks that are made against Christianity.

The author of the article in Perspective further states:

“Not really a new phenomenon: ‘And they called them, and commanded them not to speak at all nor teach in the name of Jesus’ (Acts 4:18).

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved’ Acts 4:12).”

Thus, he points to the persecution that came against the disciples in the first century. Our freedoms are being threatened today as never before. Our hard-won freedoms may be in greater jeopardy then most of us realize. Our prayer is that we may be able to preserve them for our children, our grandchildren, and all future posterity.

Pray for the God of heaven to give us strength to stand in time of persecution, if indeed it does come to us. Christians are the real minority of America!

Guardian of Truth XXXIII: 7, p. 205
April 6, 1989