Pray For Some Problems

By Larry Ray Hafley

When we face problems, we ask the Lord to help us overcome and solve them — “casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you” (1 Pet. 5:7). 

The same is true of a congregation of God’s people. “Prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for” the apostle Peter when he was imprisoned (Acts 12:5). Certainly, we may pray for deliverance from those kinds of problems. However, there are a few problems we might ought to pray for. 

1. Parking Problems: Our parking problems are not as big as they could be. It would be good if we could have difficulty finding a parking place when we come to worship. 

2. Undersized Nursery: It would be great if our nursery room needed to be enlarged. Let us pray that we will have so many young families that our nursery facilities will become a real headache for us. 

3. Inadequate Seating Space: May the Lord help us to grow to the point that we will hear many folks complain about being unable to find a seat, even when they arrive early. 

4. Classrooms Needed: Of course, we must ask the Lord to help us have a problem with not having enough classes and classrooms. 

5. Too Many Teachers: In conjunction with the previous point, may it be a constant challenge to assign a class to all those who volunteer to teach. Due to the great number who seek to be Bible class teachers, let us trust that many will complain about not being able to find an opening. 
6. Sermon Length: Lord, please increase the number of those who complain about the preacher’s sermons not being long enough. 

7. Singing Disturbs Neighbors: Without creating tension, it would be good if some in the neighborhood were to complain about our singing being too loud as we praise God. 

8. Not Enough Front Row Seats: Pray that due to the large number of young people who sit on the first few rows, our elderly brethren will complain that they cannot find a seat close enough to hear and see.

9. Home Studies: Let there be more home Bible studies than can be filled, though teachers abound. 

10. Overpaid: Let it be glaringly obvious that they are right who complain that this preacher is grossly overpaid! 

Truth Magazine Vol. XLIV: 18  p5  September 21, 2000