Preacher Jailed For Teaching Proverbs 13:24?


Introduction to Lectures

Steve Wolfgang wrote the introduction to this year’s lectures. It contains a good deal of information about the new hymnal.

Lecture Introduction


Weekly Passage

“There is no wisdom
or understanding
or counsel
against the Lord”
– Proverbs 21:30


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Preacher Jailed For Teaching Child Discipline From The Bible?

While we would like to know more details, on the surface this appears completely insane. A society that legally protects the slaughter of the unborn while at the same time imprisoning someone who teaches and practices Bible principles on child rearing is corrupt… and doomed.


If you have more information about this, please let us know.


Article: Destructive, Damnable, Deceit of the Devil (5)

Some believe God is all love and tenderness, no wrath or harshness. This is a lie of the devil that leads to disrespect and transgression.

Article 5