Preacher Looking for a Congregation

By Steven Deaton

I am searching for a congregation of saints with which to work and worship, upon my expected release from prison. If you are seeking a man to locate with you, and in the interest of being “above the board,” please consider the following.


I was not educated at any school or in any program run by brethren. I spent several years studying in a system that was run by people who are violently opposed to the body of Christ. In fact, I was among the top of the class.


During my younger days, I was involved with a rather rough crowd. We traveled from town to town and either drug people out of their homes, beat them, or murdered them. Sometimes I would just watch or supervise as these things took place.


Since the time that I learned the truth, I have labored among many different brethren, not staying very long at any one place. I did stay three years in one city and warned them daily of the dangers they would face (some call this a “watchdog” mentality). If you check with those with whom I have worked, you will find that some love and respect me, while others have no confidence in me at all. You are likely to find brethren who say that I preach only for the money and am a hypocrite, among other things. There will be those who say that I preach too long and put them to sleep. I have been run out of several towns for doing what I do. It seems almost everywhere I go, there are members of the community and church, that do not find my teaching to their liking. It is either too critical of their practices and beliefs or simply considered ridiculous.

At times I will write other congregations with either exhortation or rebuke, or both. In some of my writings, I “write-up” those who work evil. Also, I will not hide the fact that I am considered by some to be a “name caller” when I name the ones who are teaching error. I have been accused of having a personal vendetta against one brother because he is named in two different letters. I have quoted and circulated in my writings the position and actions of men in sin. Some may not wish to invite me to preach for this very reason.

Moreover, in some of my writings, I put great emphasis upon the church, for which I have been told, “You have a `church centered’ religion.” Additionally, I am very adamant to call upon my brethren not to be tolerant of any other message, teaching, or religious organization other than that which the truth reveals and supports. There are those who consider this to be narrow minded and legalistic, and in one respect, it is. You should really know, I am quite narrow about truth.

Other Things To Consider

Having been disliked by many, I often end up in unusual situations. I have been arrested and kept prisoner in different places for nearly four years now. I have been beaten several times, so my physical appearance is not all that appealing to the young or old. Also, at times I have found myself without proper clothing, thus lacking a “professional” appearance when I show up in some cities. Speaking of which, some brethren that I have worked among believe me to be quite the barbarian while delivering my sermons. That is, in their eyes, I am not very eloquent.

I travel quite a bit, but do not think of it as a vacation, as some brethren do. I would like to use my next “located work” as a base of operation, being gone in my labors much of the time, but still putting in 100% while at home.

I am not married, never have been, and do not anticipate so doing. Therefore, I will not bring a “husband-wife” team to do the work. (Note: Some outside the body of Christ may have thought that I was a homosexual because I do not have a wife at this late age.)


Realizing that it is very important whom you choose to work with, please do not forget that my habits will not change all that much. (And by the way, knowing how vital it is to many, let it be known that I am getting up in my years now.) So, take all of this into consideration and let me hear from you. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all.

Paul, formerly, Saul of Tarsus

c/o Roman Prison System

Separate Quarters #1

Guardian of Truth XLI: 5 p. 5
March 6, 1997