Reflections on the Daily News

By Lewis Willis

DALLAS (AP)-The Texas Legislature should legalize prostitution, according to the opinion of the congregation of the Richardson Unitarian Church.

Herb Croner, chairman of the church’s Social Action Committee, told newsmen Wednesday that the legislature should make provisions for legalized and controlled prostitution which would make exploitation of the profession by criminal elements impossible.

Corner said the congregation “goes on record strongly condemning the Dallas city ordinance which empowers a nonlegally trained person (police officer) to judge whether or not a person Is prostitute or a panderer.”

The Dallas City Council recently passed an ordinance to combat open prostitution in the Cedar Springs-Osk Lawn area Croner, whose seven-member committee was authorized to take the stand by a recent majority vote of the church’s 75 members, said that a section of the city could be set aside for “declared prostitutes” to practice their trade.

He added that it would be illegal for them to do business outside that area.

“Other Unitarian churches In the area mar not share out viewpoint on the issue,” Croner said.

The foregoing article appeared in the Amarillo GlobeTimes on Nov. 18, 1976. It is another remarkable manifestation of the social / spiritual climate in which we must live. With strong “religious” forces such as this, Satan need not lift a hand in bringing us to condemnation as a people. We might very likely handle his job more rapidly than he would himself. Through the years if a solid stand of conviction had been taken against sin and wickedness by religionists, Satan would have at least had a more difficult battle. Ironically, however, as religious leaders have joined his forces, he has not had to fight. Preachers, such as the one in this newspaper article, have joyfully brought entire congregations into the ranks of the Devil. They have stepped forward to be the leaders in open rebellion against God and His Will. And many are wondering if there is any point at which these people will stop!

Perhaps to understand the Unitarian Church would be somewhat enlightening. This is a fellowship where one is encouraged to develop his own individual faith. No formal statement of faith and conviction is required to enter this fellowship. You can believe in God, Christ, the Scriptures, etc., but such is not required to become a member of this denomination. The “Supreme Being, whatever you perceive Him, Her or It to be” concept is the reigning principle of Unitarianism. So, with a group of people unable to even agree on the existence of God, it should not be too surprising what they might say or do respecting simple morality. Above all, we must guard ourselves that we not embrace these watered down, humanistic, damnable views respecting those things which God has legislated.

If God has spoken on any subject, He has spoken concerning fornication, and prostitution is fornication gone to seed! He spoke of the Gentiles being filled with fornication (Rom. 1:29), and declared their condemnation. He enjoined that men flee fornication (1 Cor. 6:18). He pronounced that among those works of the flesh which will prevent entrance into Heaven is the sin of fornication (Gal. 5:19ff). Among the saints, the Lord decreed that fornication should not exist (Eph. 5:3). The Christian is to put to death or mortify sins such as fornication (Col. 3:5). God said His will is that men abstain from fornication (1 Thess. 4:3). Sodom and the cities of the plain were overthrown because they gave themselves unto fornication (Jude 7). Can there be any doubt about God’s will?

There is absolutely no way to misunderstand God’s will on this subject. And, persistence in it is to defy Almighty God and live in open rebellion against Him. This is precisely what has been and is being done in regard to prostitution. Since men are insistent upon practicing such, regardless of the cost, the criminal element of society has profiteered by making such filth available. And, to and behold, instead of crying out against the sin, some silly Dallas religious committee has advanced a solution for the world. If people are going to do it, legalize it! That is a most wonderful solution. And, their liberal, broad-mindedness will be extolled by many as the zenith of wisdom. To be sure, it is “wisdom,” not of God, but of this world! And, the wisdom of this world is the curse of humanity and it always will be.

But, why not try applying this solution (?) to other acts of men. It should be obvious that men are going to steal, just as they will go to the prostitutes. So why not have the state legislature legalize stealing? And men are going to lie. Why not legalize lying? And men will murder other men. Why not legalize murder? Why didn’t the Associated Press ask the spokesman for this Unitarian committee about these other forms of vice, crime and corruption?

The Apostle Paul, by inspiration, issued a warning. We would be well advised to heed that warning in the adoption of attitudes and actions with regard to moral conduct. He wrote, “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived” (2 Tim. 3:13). Apparently some religious organizations are deceived into thinking that civil authority can legislate God’s Law out of existence. No! They only act to place a social stamp of appproval upon sin. Actually, these religious leaders are only encouraging men to continue to defy the Living God. And, God shall not overlook this rebellion or those who lead in it!

Truth Magazine XXI: 43, pp. 680-681
November 3, 1977